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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.  Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with and contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

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Operation Lifesaver Amtrak locomotive visits Denver

Amtrak 203 50th Anniversary Operation Lifesaver unit was on train 5. The California Zephyr arrived only 4-minutes late at Denver Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023. Train at right is the Winter Park Express which operates Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays through March 2023. ©2023  Chip

A high wide load

UP crew change for Schnabel high/wide move west of Sidney, Nebraska, January 23, 2023. Train originated at Centralia, Washington, and was headed to Smithers Lake, Texas. The Schnabel car is loaded with a power generator. ©2023 Chip Farmers Elevator Company 7558 at Chappell, Nebraska, 23 January 2023. ©2023 Chip

Union Pacific 2578 East passed Potter, Nebraska, January 23, 2023 with high/wide generator from Centrailia, Washington, moving to Smithers Lake, Texas. The electrical power generator moved over the snow covered UP’s Sidney Subdivision. Train S CASLW-15. Generator was on KWUX 301 Schnabel car. ©2023 Chip

Action on the Front Range Sub

The first Winter Park Express train rounds the curve at the at Blue Mountain and downtown Denver is in the background. ©2023 James Nelson On the curve at Blue Mountain Road to catch the train again as he approached the Hot Box Detector at MP 22.6.   ©2023 James Nelson
I heard the Dispatcher tell an eastbound BNSF train he would meet the Winter Park Express at Tolland siding and the only other meet he would have would be with Amtrak #5. I found the train at Rocky siding where the dispatcher ran him through the siding to continue east to Leyden siding to meet Amtrak #5. This is a train load of crude oil from Utah. ©2023 James Nelson I decided to shoot Amtrak #5 at Plain siding. After meeting the BNSF train at Leyden he continued west up the hill to Plain siding. Not a bad morning to play with the new camera!  ©2023 James Nelson


Military hardware on the move

Recently refurbished UP 6463, AC44CWM, led the Beaumont, Texas, to Fort Carson, CO, train at Palmer Lake, CO, January 19, 2023.  Chip
Army Abrams tanks returned from Defender 2022 exercise in Europe. Union Pacific southbound train at Palmer Lake, CO, Jan 19, 2023. ©2023 Chip
On Thu, Jan 19, 2023, Wesley.Greer  found freshly rebuilt AC44 UP 6463 in UP's newer paint scheme (with the flag on the side of the nose) is leading a southbound military train, departing North Yard in Denver as of 0745! ©2023 Wesley Greer



RTD in the snow

This eastbound 10:19AM train approaching the Olde Town Arvada station. ©2023 Walter Weart

Flanger action on the D&S

Durango & Silverton flanger train plows thru snow banks at Shanola Crossing between Hermosa and Rockwood. January 4, 2023. Photograph by Jerry B. Day.

Durango & Silverton flanger train plows thru snow banks at Shanola Crossing between Hermosa and Rockwood. January 4, 2023. Photograph by Jerry B. Day.
Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad snowplow/flanger train with ex-D&RGW K-36 number 481, Flanger OF, and Caboose 0540 climb the 2.5% grade from Hermosa to Rockwood on the line to Cascade. January 4, 2023. Photograph by Jerry B. Day

The first Winter Park Express (ski train) trip will be this Friday, 13 Jan., operated by Amtrak.

The train departs Union Station at 7 am, on Fri, Sat. and Sun every weekend until Sunday, 26 March 2023.
 The good news is you can buy a one way ticket, and come back days later. or take the Calif. Zephyr back, the fare can be much cheaper than the Ski Train.You must board the Calif. Zephyr in Fraser, not at the ski resort platform. It is scheduled to depart Fraser at 3:50 pm, daily.

On the border


OmniTRAX’s Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railway put OMLX 4016 and 4013 to work on a Grant, Nebraska, to Sterling, Colorado, train at Venango, Nebraska. January 9, 2023 ©2023 Chip

CP Rio Grande to Acquire SLRG Assets

Written by Marybeth Luczak, Executive Editor Railway Age

Colorado Pacific Rio Grande Railroad (CP Rio Grande) filed a verified notice of exemption to acquire and operate the approximately 149-mile San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad (SLRG) in Colorado, according to the Surface Transportation Board (STB), which on Jan. 5 reported the transaction could be consummated on or after Jan. 19, 2023.

Not only will CP Rio Grande acquire approximately 119 miles of track between Derrick and Walsenburg (Alamosa Subdivision), some 30 miles of track between Alamosa and Antonito (Antonito Subdivision), and other assets, but also incidental trackage rights conveyed to SLRG by Union Pacific (UP) in the vicinity of Walsenburg, STB reported.

A tardy Amtrak

Amtrak 189 West, 4-hours late train #5, had to stop and proceed at East 96 Avenue Irondale, Commerce City, Colorado, 4 January 2023. Note Amtrak crew member at left with red flag  ©2023 Chip

Happy New Year!

BNSF 9116 leads southbound coal load C-WTMAMH below the Palmer Lake holiday star, seen here on New Years eve 2022. The image is a composite of the train and the background scene and sky, necessitated since the train was moving.  ©2023 Tim Tonge

Santa at the throttle

Santa engineer on BNSF 1880 the Market Street Job at Sand Creek, Commerce City, CO, Saturday, 24 December 2022 - BNSF’s Brush Sub. ©2022 Chip

Two pictures from the Museum

491 prepares for another day of Polar Express activity at the Colorado Railroad Museum.  ©2022 Denny Leonard The Pavilion, located at the Colorado Railroad Museum at Golden, CO.,  is now fitted with roll up doors making the building useable year around  ©2022 Denny Leonard

Ex Iowa Pacific equipment on its way to a new home

Former sleeper GLEN SUMMIT was moved from Alamosa, CO, headed to Candor, North Carolina. Car was at Union Pacific’s North Yard, Denver, CO, December 14, 2022. Car acquired by Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway (ACWR) from Iowa Pacific auction held in 2021. Car was placed on UP train to North Platte, NE. ©2022 Chip Former sleeper GLEN SUMMIT departed Union Pacific’s North Yard, Denver, CO, after sunset December 14, 2022.  Car acquired by Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway (ACWR) from Iowa Pacific auction held in 2021.   Car with ex-Southern Pacific 3604 7/8 dome lounge was placed on UP train to North Platte, NE.  ©2022 Chip

Some very interesting pictures from Kansas and Colorado

Behind the Museum of the Great Plains in Leoti, Kansas is a AT&SF caboose and a Santa Fe depot. These were moved from a small park in Selkirk, Kansas to their new home at the museum. The depot was a former Santa Fe depot from Shallow Water, Kansas.  ©2022 Larry Dilts
The Greeley County Fair in Tribune, Kansas, operates a 24 Inch miniature gauge railroad at the fairgrounds. It operates only during the first week of August during the fair. It runs on a short loop around the carnival rides. The train was built by the National Amusement Device Company in Dayton, Ohio. That company was sold in 1973. The locomotive is lettered The Greeley County Eagle and painted in a Missouri Pacific scheme.©2022 Larry Dilts

This space intentionally left blank

The Colorado Railroad operated from Pueblo to Stone City near Penrose. It was abandoned in the 1950s. There are a number of places where the grade is still visible but rapidly disappearing in housing developments. ©2022 Larry Dilts



On December 12th the Colorado Pacific fired up their two locomotives and performed routine maintenance. Although the weather was cloudy, the locomotives still looked nice. Most of the tank cars that were cleaned near NA Jct. have been distributed onto sidings as far east as Eads. There are still a few stored at NA Jct. The CP now has a long string of coal gondolas stored in the yard near NA Jct. On the east end of the line, the new grain elevator continues to expand. There are three more silos under construction. ©2022 Larry Dilts
National Sugar Manufacturing Company once had a large sugar beet plant at Sugar City, Colorado. The plant closed April 1967 and the plant torn down in the 1970s. All that remain of the facility are the entrance gates which have been repaired as an historic site structure. In the former Missouri Pacific Sugar City yard, the switch ties to the sugar plant trackage remain giving testimony of the once active sugar industry. ©2022 Larry Dilts
On December 12, 2022, Three Rock and Rail units were parked in their yard at Portland next to the Holcim Cement Plant. Number 401 was recently repainted in a red and white scheme while 501 and 201 are still in the attractive yellow and red scheme. ©2022 Larry Dilts

The Holcim Cement Plant at Portland switches cars within the plant. On December 12, 2022, two trackmobiles were inside one of the buildings and ex SP GP9 3416 was parked in the yard outside. It is now lettered OSS 3416. I have heard that OSS is an Omnitrax reporting mark, but I have not been able to find any verification of that. 

A real heavyweight

Canadian Pacific 8161, AC4400CWM, led northbound BNSF loaded unit frac sand train from Ottumwa, Iowa, headed to Fort Collins, CO. 99-loads at 14,055 tons. Great Western Ry takes the train from Fort Collins to Windsor, CO. BNSF Front Range Subd. ©2022 Chip

The back way in to Coors

The inbound "Beer Train" is taking the alternate route into quarters and is holding clear of the grade crossing at McIntyre. Don't often see this as the primary route is past the Museum into the BNSF yard 12-10-2022 ©2022Walter Weart

Switching, Museum's way

Actually, Steve Disher Trucking the preeminent mover of rail equipment was bringing back the locomotive that was used in the Golden Christmas parade as a float for the Museum. However this is generally the way switching is done at the Museum since a lot of the tracks are not connected and particularly the standard gauge ©2022Walter Weart


Action on Colorado Pacific RR

Sunrise, December 4, 2022, found Colorado Pacific RR locomotives, 1923 and 1946, parked at Eads, Colorado. Locomotives brought Santa Claus into town for "Merry on Maine" festival later that day. ©2022  Chip Santa Claus rode Colorado Pacific Railroad 1964 into Eads, Colorado, December 4, 2022.   Festival was delayed one day account high winds ravaged the eastern Colorado prairies on December 2nd. 2022 ©2022 Chip
Horses galloped around their corral as Colorado Pacific 1923 headed into Eads, Colorado, December 4, 2022 bringing Santa to the "Merry on Maine" holiday festival. .©2022 Chip  

KCS Veterans Honor unit stops in Colorado Springs

he KCS Veterans Honor unit was in Littleton on November 26.  ©2022 Erik Lindgren

Still going strong

Iowa Traction 54 Baldwin-Westinghouse ex-Southern Iowa Railway 400 built May 1923 steeple cab Mason City Iowa ©2022 Chip

Around Denver

Amtrak 168 West (2-hours late met BNSF 3678 East at Irondale Siding, Commerce City, CO, 8:25 AM, 23 Nov 2022.©2022 Chip BNSF 3678 led the Z DENCHI train out of Denver 7:50 AM, 23 November 2022. ©2022 Chip

UP heritage equipment on the move

UP Equipment donation between Odessa and Lexington, Nebraska, 14 November 2022. Westbound manifest on track 1. 
C&NW F-7 401 went to Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad. ©2022 Chip
Sunset found Union Pacific 3985, Alco 4-6-6-4 Challenger, west of Elm Creek, Nebraska, November 14, 2022. Behind the 3985 was UP 5511, 2-10-2 Baldwin. Special move was the Railroading Heritage of Midwest America donation headed for Silvis, Illinois. ©2022 Chip

An Expansion of Scoular Elevator

Nebraska-Kansas-Colorado Railway Scoular elevator expansion dedication November 17, 2022 at Grainton, NE, west of
Wallace, NE. ©2022 Chip
Ann Erickson, BNSF and Curt Greiner, Scoular Grain with OmniTRAX OMLX 419 & 420 at Scoular Grain elevator Grainton, Nebraska, expansion dedication 17 November 2022  ©2022 Chip
OmniTRAX CEO Dean Piacente talked to crowd at Scoular Grain elevator ribbon cutting ceremony at Grainton, Nebraska, 17 November 17, 2022.  ©ď2022 Chip .Scoular Grain CEO Paul Maass talked to crowd at Scoular Grain elevator ribboncutting ceremony at Grainton, Nebraska, November 17, 2022.  ©️2022   ©ď2022 Chip

UP Being Taken to Surface Transportation Board Over Tennessee Pass sale

 by John_Perkowski

Here’s the link: Real estate moguls seek to pry Tennessee Pass line away from Union Pacific

 Real estate moguls seek to pry Tennessee Pass line away from Union Pacific. A firm controlled by billionaire New York City real estate magnates has asked the Surface Transportation Board to order Union Pacific to sell its 228-mile Tennessee Pass route so that the historic Colorado line can be reactivated.

Rochester & Genesee Valley Museum

Otto Vondrak is the president of the Rochester Chapter, NRHS, which operates the Rochester & Genesee Valley Museum. October 29, 2022 at Rush, NY.  ©2022 Chip
The Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railroad number 20 is used during the summer.  #20 was put away for the winter  ©2022 Chip


Otto kindly took me up the hill for these fine photo opportunities.  ©2022 Chip  

Sunrise at UP's North Yard

Sunrise at Union Pacific"s North Yard Tower, Denver, CO, Nov 2, 2022 ©2022 Chip

Historic UPRR equipment being prepared to move to new home

Courtesy: Union Pacific Steam Club

The steam crew has been busy preparing the Challenger No. 3985 along with the TTT-6 steam locomotive No. 5511 and Centennial diesel locomotive No. 6936 for delivery to the non-profit Railroading Heritage of Midwest America (RRHMA).

The donated equipment will be towed by diesel locomotives from Union Pacific's Steam Shop in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on Friday, Nov. 11. The Heritage Donation Special will make periodic maintenance stops along the route. The special train is scheduled to arrive at the RRHMA's shop in Silvis, Illinois, on Saturday, Nov. 19. A complete schedule can be found on the web site.

The donation includes the following equipment:   

  • 4-6-6-4 Challenger UP 3985
  • Class TTT 2-10-2 UP 5511
  • The Centennial UP 6936
  • E9B passenger locomotive shell
  • Four 1950s coach cars
  • Diner-Lounge car
  • Baggage car
  • Caboose
  • Two business cars: the Selma, previously Western Pacific's Feather River, and the Stanford, originally the 1928 Southern Pacific Sunset
  • The RRHMA plans a multi-year, multi-million-dollar restoration of the equipment, including restoring the steam locomotives to operating condition.

    Union Pacific plays a leading role in preserving railroad history and maintains the finest heritage fleet in the world, which includes the world's largest steam locomotive, the Big Boy No. 4014, and the fastest steam locomotive Living Legend No. 844. Each year, Union Pacific proudly sponsors a steam tour, inviting communities and rail fans to whistle stops and displays across its 23-state network to celebrate Union Pacific's rich heritage and learn about modern rail operations.

    Daily work on the UPRR

    UP 3793, SD70M, on Sidney Local after dropping off cars to the Julesburg to Sterling, Colorado, Branch at Julesburg, CO, Sunday, October 23, 2022.  ©2022 Chip (
    Editor note: In our quest to capture main line action, let's not overlook the daily routine activity Thanks Chip.)

    The GWR station in Longmont

    The old GWR station in Longmont with great adaptive re-use. ©2022 Denny Leonard

    The GWR Loveland station

    Great Western Railway Loveland Depot still in place October 17, 2022. OmniTrax 4012 working Loveland, Colorado, yard on frosty morning. ©2022 Chip (Editor note: there has recently been interest in moving the station off of the GWR property and restoring it. Stay tuned)

    Amtrak Heritage locomotive in Denver

    Amtrak 160 Heritage 50th Anniversary Unit was on Train #5, the California Zephyr, October 11, 2022 at Denver, CO.  Train was only an hour late.  ©2022 Chip

    Federal Railroad Administration Car on the Joint Line

    Timothy Tonge caught the FRA test car on the Joint Line on  October 13  Both Pictures ©2022 Timothy Tonge

    Why we live here!

    Autumn splendor was reflected by pond along Colorado Highway 72 west of Pinecliffe, CO, 30 September 2022. Aspen gold was about two weeks late account the warm September weather.
    Enjoy your day! ©2022 Chip

    PVs on the Moffat Sub

    Private varnish disappeared into Union Pacific's tunnel one in Coal Creek Canyon, CO, October 6, 2022. Patrick Henry Creative Promotions cars Warren R. Henry dome with rear platform, Evelyn Henry sleeper, and SLRG 1 named Caritas business car were on Amtrak's California Zephyr, train #5. PV Caritas was previously owned by Clark Johnson. ©2022 Chip

    The Rocky Mountaineer

    Full passenger train -! Full passenger load from the looks of passengers loading at UP's 36th Street Yard, Denver, CO, October 2, 2022. © 2022 Chip
    Rocky Mountaineer locomotives were back on their 11-car train October 2, 2022. Full passenger load from the looks of passengers loading at UP's 36th Street Yard, Denver, CO, October 2, 2022.© 2022 Chip

    An unusual passenger car

    Seldom pictured Pullman car built in 1882, converted to a safety car by CF&I Steel, at Steel Museum in Pueblo CO ©2022 Denny Leonard

    The CF&I Mine Rescue Car No. 1 was designed by the Wagner Palace Sleeping Car Company in 1882. It remained in service as a sleeping car until 1910 when it was purchased by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and sold to CF&I in 1923. For the next two decades, it served as a rolling classroom promoting mine safety training in an effort to mitigate the dozens of mine disasters that were occurring in mining districts along the Front Range. It later became the Scrapyard Department office at the Pueblo steel mill until the company’s bankruptcy in the early 1990s.

    A link to the video which shows a RTD Light Rail  train derailing on a curve.

    Copy link and paste in your browser. If the video is not on top, scroll down as new stories may be added.

    Ringneck & Western RR get funding for improvements

    Picture Chip ©2022

    Ringneck & Western Efficiency and Growth Project (funding up to $1,799,009)The proposed project will improve the economic growth, safety, resiliency, and efficiency of the Ringneck & Western Railroad (RWRR) located just east of Plankinton, S.D. The project includes construction, materials, and support services necessary to construct two 1,500-ft transload tracks to transport lumber and aggregate, and construct a 558-ft industrial lead track and a concrete maintenance pit in an existing locomotive maintenance building. Ancillary project work would include a loadout spur, six turnouts, and a roadway for vehicular and transloading equipment access. The project will improve locomotive maintenance and provide an area to transload goods from rail to truck, improving efficiency for the products being moved and the area’s economy. The RWRR will provide a 40% match.

    Two foot gauge in Portland, ME

    During a recent cruise along the Atlantic Coast, one of the Shore trips was to Portland Maine. As we were walking towards our tour bus, I saw the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad train waiting riders for the first trip of the day. They operate about 1 1/2 miles of 2 foot gauge utilizing the right-of-way of the old Portland Terminal line.

    The locomotive in the picture is a G.E. switcher built by the Whitin Machine Shop. The line also has an ex- Monson 0-4-2 locomotive which is out of service. The rolling stock is made up of ex-Maine 2 foot gauge railroad such as the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes and the Monson. Some of the equipment also came from Edaville as well

    The two trips that I saw seem to be reasonably crowded for the middle of a week.

    This is their office, ticket office and gift shop. They had a nice selection of railroad items including books. ©2022 Walter Weart This is a side view of the G. E. Whiten diesel taking the place of their 0-4-4 Forney. The Trucks remind me of a little kid with big shoes.  ©2022 Walter Weart
    This view shows you how truly narrow this locomotive really is. It makes the Colorado Railroad Museum diesels look absolutely huge in comparison. ©2022 Walter Weart The caboose from the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes and you can see some of their extra equipment stored in the background. .©2022 Walter Weart
    This is another view of the caboose and it has been restored to almost new condition. ©2022 Walter Weart I'm not sure of the history of this caboose but it is on display and if you notice there is steps at the rear so the public can look inside..©2022 Walter Weart

    According to their website, they roster four steam engines, Monson Forneys No. 3, and No.4 both 0-4-4s and a Bridgton & Saco River No. 7 and No.8 both  2-4-4s. Most of their rolling stock is from the Sandy River. & Rangeley Lakes with the couple of pieces from the Bridgton& Saco River. Some of the passenger cars also came from the Edaville Railroad.

    The last day of Thomas at the Colorado Railroad Museum

    Thomas is crossing the Museum entrance September 25 on one of the last runs of this 3 weekend event. My impression was that there large crowds each weekend.  ©2022 Walter Weart

    At Pueblo

    Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (AT&SF) #2912 was built in January 1944 by Baldwin Locomotive Works. This engine is one of the "Santa Fe 2900 Class", a series of 30 engines numbered 2900 through 2929. These engines are an example of a “4-8-4” design, with four small leading wheels, eight driver wheels, and four small trailing wheels. The first engines to use this 4-8-4 design were purchased by the Northern Pacific Railway in 1926, and so the design came to be known as the "Northern". Some earlier versions of the 4-8-4 "Northerns" originally ran on coal, and were later converted to use fuel oil. In contrast, the 2900 Class never used coal, only fuel oil – 7000 gallons of it.  ©2022 Chip Pueblo Union Depot (left) with ATSF 2912 as a loaded southbound BNSF coal train passed at right Pueblo, Colorado, September 22, 2022. ©2022 Chip  
    The well maintained Pueblo Union Depot is illuminated the evening of September 22, 2022 at Pueblo, CO  ©2022 Chip

    Pueblo Union Depot is the historic railroad station in Pueblo, Colorado. It was built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style in 1889–1890 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
    Initially the station was served by the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, the Colorado & Southern Railway (which was acquired by the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad in 1908), the Missouri Pacific Railroad, and the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad. Today the Union Pacific Railroad and the BNSF Railroad share use of the tracks, and the depot is privately owned. ©2022 Chip

    A monument to time

    Comparing Time plaque on bronze statue across from fromer UP Cheyenne, WY, depot. September 20, 2022. Sculptor Joey Bainer. James L. Ehernberger, donor. ©2022 Chip Comparing Time plaque on bronze statue across from fromer UP Cheyenne, WY, depot. September 20, 2022. Sculptor Joey Bainer. James L. Ehernberger, donor. ©2022 Chip

    A Light Rail derailment

    On the accident scene at S. Sable Blvd. and East Eexposition Avenue RTD accident looks like excessive speed Three folks injured taken to a hospital  R Line light rail in Aurora, CO. accident happened 3:45 PM Wednesday, 21 September 2022. ©2022 Chip

    OmniTRAX, has signed a letter of intent to purchase the bankrupt San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad.
    Courtesy Rail Group News

    The Valley Courier reports that while OminTRAX has signed a letter of intent to purchase the SLRG, the railroad has not yet been sold. William Brandt, the trustee overseeing the possible sale, said that a final agreement has not yet been reached. Brandt said, “A deal has been reached in principle, but the deal is still being negotiated.” The OmniTRAX offer is $5.75 million, but approximately $4 million will need to be spent on back taxes.

    The SLG is a former Iowa Pacific holdings property, and the line has been operating in bankruptcy for the past three years. OmniTRAX is associated with the Broe Real Estate Group in Denver, and specializes in freight logistics and shipping.

    If OmniTRAX and SLG can reach an agreement, it will be submitted to the bankruptcy court, with a hearing expected sometime in October.

    Colorado Pacific power

    On September 4, 2022, K&O (WAMX) 3824 was parked on the K&O/CP interchange at Towner, Colorado. The Colorado Pacific (WAMX) painted unit apparently still has not arrived on the CP. I have seen photos of it in eastern Kansas but nothing in western Kansas or eastern Colorado ©2022 Larry Dilts

    At the Mantau & Pikes Peak

    On September 7th 2022, trains were running on the M&PP. The new modernized depot complements the station area. With the rebuild of the M&PP, a second boarding track was installed at the depot and a pedestrian bridge over the track which makes for nice photos. Only the old rebuilt Swiss units are in operation right now while the new Stadler trains are receiving repairs. ©2022 Larry Dilts


    More miniature trains

    The Flying W Ranch near the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs operates a short circular miniature train using a home built locomotive built by the Flying W Ranch in 1965. Although a short trip, it crosses a small trestle and passes through a tunnel. The gauge is unknown but appears to be somewhere between 18 and 24 inch. The Ranch opens at 5PM. It survived the devastating Waldo Canyon fire which destroyed the rest of the ranch. ©2022 Larry Dilts


     New commuter equipment going to California

    This is the first catch with them running on their own wheelsets, with UP power. Built in Salt Lake City. Tested in Pueblo. Headed eventually to run in California. ©2022 Bob Thiele

    Lakeside Amusement Park

    The Lakeside Amusement Park operates an odd 22.75 inch gauge railroad which skirts a lake at the amusement park. They are currently only operating their California Zephyr replica while the steam locomotive sat on the siding. It hasn’t been used for a couple of years due to the high fire danger. The sunny Labor Day made for a nice outing. ©2022 Larry  Dilts



    Tiny Town

    Labor Day 2022 marked the end of the Tiny Town season. The Tiny Town Railroad was operating two trains that day. One was an F A&B Rio Grande painted set while the other used a Uhrich Locomotive built Mason Boggie (the locomotive is diesel powered with the exhaust vent through the stack). The Railroad is a 15 inch gauge railroad operating around the perimeter of the park.©2022 Larry Dilts


    The Englewood Belleview Park Railroad

    The Englewood Belleview Park Railroad operates a 24” gauge circular railroad through the Belleview Park. September 5, 2022 was the last day of operations for the season. The train crosses two large trestles and passes through one tunnel.©2022 Larry D. Dilts

    A miniature train in Pueblo

    On September 4, 2020 the City Park Railroad in Pueblo was running its last trains for the season. The 15 inch gauge train makes a 2,200 foot circular trip around the park and a small lake. The Rio Grande painted locomotive was built by Bill Daney and has been operating at the park since 1955.   Larry  Dilts


    Operations on the Ringneck & Western RR

    Ringneck & Western RR WAMX 4023 with flying pheasant logo was at Chamberlain, South Dakota, September 12, 2022. The Ringneck & Western took over the former Dakota Southern Railway in late May 2021. Line originally built and operated by Milwaukee Road. ©2022 Chip

    The Ringneck & Western Railroad (reporting mark RWRR), a subsidiary of Watco, is a railroad that began operations in late May 2021 over 108 miles (174 km) of former Dakota Southern Railway track between Mitchell and Presho, South Dakota. The railroad was formed after Watco purchased the 189.7 miles (305.3 km) of track between Mitchell and Kadoka, South Dakota from the state of South Dakota in 2021. The line beyond Presho, SD, is out of service with the US Highway 83 expressway crossing having been removed in the early 2000s during the years that the line was used only for car storage.

    New power for the Colorado Pacific

    Colorado Pacific RR has purchased two National Railway Equipment (NRE) SD40 locomotives. CXR 1964 was built January 1971 as Penn Central 6270. The other unit is CXR 1923. Both units were refurbished and painted by NRE at Mt Vernon, IL, and moved west by BNSF. Units were at NA Junction east of Boone, CO. ©2022 Chip

    On the UP

    UP dispatcher had UP 3057 East stop to assist double coal load with 283-cars to pickup conductor who setout two bad ordered coal cars at Cozad, NE, 26 August 2022. Note 3057 was the only locomotive on unit auto train from Milipitas, California, to Chicago, IL. ©2022 Chip UP 1111, SD70ACe Powered by Our People, east of North Platte, NE, sunrise August 27, 2022. UP train M NPAL-27 the North Platte, NE, to Altoona, Wisconsin. ©2022 Chip

    The Employee Pride Locomotive – was created to honor the men and women of Union Pacific Railroad. Locomotive's number – 1111 -- represents Union Pacific's goal to be the No. 1 railroad with the No. 1 employees who have the No. 1 safety dedication with 1 vision – Building America.

    New power for Amtrak

    ALC-42 AMTK 301 leads an all star cast of brand new power including 309, 313, and 314 and test car among the usual consist and not a GE P42 mud-missile in sight. Cold soaking rain at Moffat East Portal beckons Fall under the Great Divide which has played host to the Most Talked About Train in the Country since 1948. 8/25/22   ©2022 Erik Lindgren

    On the G&W at Limon

    G&W had yet to repaint this old Rail America motor seen working in Limon. ©2022 Limonrail

    Off to a new home

    Note BUGX reporting marks are now displayed on former San Luis & Rio Grande RR 1100 at Alamosa, CO. Evidently, Dieselmotive/ Bruggere & Monson has added this sharp looking F-unit to their roster. Heavy rain around Alamosa left puddles on August 22, 2022. ©2022 Chip

    Pictures from Kansas

    Looney Toones cartoon characters have been showing up on grain hoppers in Colby and Mingo, Kansas. ©2022 Larry Dilts
    Balcones Recycling has quite a variety of graffiti artist. To paint so much, they must paint the graffiti at the recycling facility in Dallas,    Texas. I have seen a large number of cars they have painted.©2022 Larry Dilts On August 5, 2022 a Norfolk Southern C44C6M was on a grain train at Cornerstone Ag in Colby, Kansas. It was nice to see a little variety and clean paint. ©2022 Larry Dilts
    On August 20, 2022, a K&O train was parked at Scott City with K&O GP39-2s 3914, 3933, and GP40-2 4010. Number 4010 was the unit on short term lease to the Colorado Pacific stationed at Eads. I have heard that the CP has received their own units now and the leased unit returned to the K&O. ©2022 Larry Dilts  

    On the Moffat Sub

    Erik Lindgren caught No. 6 at tunnel 15 and South Boulder Peak stands proud high over the craggy Eldorado Canyon. ©2022 Erik Lindgren

    3' gauge in central Michigan

    The Huckleberry Railroad, which is part of Crossroads Village, operates about a 5 mile line with loops at each end. The steam engine operates on weekends and a diesel, once owned by the Georgetown Loop railroad, operates during weekdays. The railroad also owns K_27 D&RGW No. 464, one of only theee  Rio Grande engines narrow gauge engines not in Colorado. (The other is in Knotts Berry Farm in California.)

    The line operates over an old Pere Marquette right of way. I was told that narrow gauge was chosen as when they were constructing the line in 1977, standard gauge equipment was either unavailable or too expensive.

    No. 167 is a Baldwin product, tracing it history back to the Alaska Railroad. ©2022 Walter Weart The caboose and coach came from Mexico. ©2022 Walter Weart
    A blow down on the first loop. ©2022 Walter Weart I guess the conductor is looking at  the "White Walls" for sliding wheels but the land is table top flat. .©2022 Walter Weart
    A view on the second loop. The first car was built in their shops. ©2022 Walter Weart The 2-8-0 is from Mexico and is thought to be in such poor condition as to make restoration not worthwhile. ©2022 Walter Weart
    The Pere Marquette caboose is fully restored and it open the visitors. ©2022 Walter Weart This caboose is not in Guide but appears to be well cared for. ©2022 Walter Weart

    Every year, the Huckleberry railroad posts a Railfan Weekend. I have attached a link to a PDF file which contains a copy of the 2022 Guide. The pages are not in the correct sequence however it will give you a history of the railroad and an overview of its equipment.
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