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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.  Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with and contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

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An unusual passenger car

Seldom pictured Pullman car built in 1882, converted to a safety car by CF&I Steel, at Steel Museum in Pueblo CO ©2022 Denny Leonard

The CF&I Mine Rescue Car No. 1 was designed by the Wagner Palace Sleeping Car Company in 1882. It remained in service as a sleeping car until 1910 when it was purchased by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and sold to CF&I in 1923. For the next two decades, it served as a rolling classroom promoting mine safety training in an effort to mitigate the dozens of mine disasters that were occurring in mining districts along the Front Range. It later became the Scrapyard Department office at the Pueblo steel mill until the company’s bankruptcy in the early 1990s.

A link to the video which shows a RTD Light Rail  train derailing on a curve.

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Ringneck & Western RR get funding for improvements

Picture Chip ©2022

Ringneck & Western Efficiency and Growth Project (funding up to $1,799,009)The proposed project will improve the economic growth, safety, resiliency, and efficiency of the Ringneck & Western Railroad (RWRR) located just east of Plankinton, S.D. The project includes construction, materials, and support services necessary to construct two 1,500-ft transload tracks to transport lumber and aggregate, and construct a 558-ft industrial lead track and a concrete maintenance pit in an existing locomotive maintenance building. Ancillary project work would include a loadout spur, six turnouts, and a roadway for vehicular and transloading equipment access. The project will improve locomotive maintenance and provide an area to transload goods from rail to truck, improving efficiency for the products being moved and the area’s economy. The RWRR will provide a 40% match.

Two foot gauge in Portland, ME

During a recent cruise along the Atlantic Coast, one of the Shore trips was to Portland Maine. As we were walking towards our tour bus, I saw the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad train waiting riders for the first trip of the day. They operate about 1 1/2 miles of 2 foot gauge utilizing the right-of-way of the old Portland Terminal line.

The locomotive in the picture is a G.E. switcher built by the Whitin Machine Shop. The line also has an ex- Monson 0-4-2 locomotive which is out of service. The rolling stock is made up of ex-Maine 2 foot gauge railroad such as the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes and the Monson. Some of the equipment also came from Edaville as well

The two trips that I saw seem to be reasonably crowded for the middle of a week.

This is their office, ticket office and gift shop. They had a nice selection of railroad items including books. ©2022 Walter Weart This is a side view of the G. E. Whiten diesel taking the place of their 0-4-4 Forney. The Trucks remind me of a little kid with big shoes.  ©2022 Walter Weart
This view shows you how truly narrow this locomotive really is. It makes the Colorado Railroad Museum diesels look absolutely huge in comparison. ©2022 Walter Weart The caboose from the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes and you can see some of their extra equipment stored in the background. .©2022 Walter Weart
This is another view of the caboose and it has been restored to almost new condition. ©2022 Walter Weart I'm not sure of the history of this caboose but it is on display and if you notice there is steps at the rear so the public can look inside..©2022 Walter Weart

According to their website, they roster four steam engines, Monson Forneys No. 3, and No.4 both 0-4-4s and a Bridgton & Saco River No. 7 and No.8 both  2-4-4s. Most of their rolling stock is from the Sandy River. & Rangeley Lakes with the couple of pieces from the Bridgton& Saco River. Some of the passenger cars also came from the Edaville Railroad.

The last day of Thomas at the Colorado Railroad Museum

Thomas is crossing the Museum entrance September 25 on one of the last runs of this 3 weekend event. My impression was that there large crowds each weekend.  ©2022 Walter Weart

At Pueblo

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (AT&SF) #2912 was built in January 1944 by Baldwin Locomotive Works. This engine is one of the "Santa Fe 2900 Class", a series of 30 engines numbered 2900 through 2929. These engines are an example of a “4-8-4” design, with four small leading wheels, eight driver wheels, and four small trailing wheels. The first engines to use this 4-8-4 design were purchased by the Northern Pacific Railway in 1926, and so the design came to be known as the "Northern". Some earlier versions of the 4-8-4 "Northerns" originally ran on coal, and were later converted to use fuel oil. In contrast, the 2900 Class never used coal, only fuel oil – 7000 gallons of it.  ©2022 Chip Pueblo Union Depot (left) with ATSF 2912 as a loaded southbound BNSF coal train passed at right Pueblo, Colorado, September 22, 2022. ©2022 Chip  
The well maintained Pueblo Union Depot is illuminated the evening of September 22, 2022 at Pueblo, CO  ©2022 Chip

Pueblo Union Depot is the historic railroad station in Pueblo, Colorado. It was built in the Richardsonian Romanesque style in 1889–1890 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.
Initially the station was served by the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, the Colorado & Southern Railway (which was acquired by the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad in 1908), the Missouri Pacific Railroad, and the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad. Today the Union Pacific Railroad and the BNSF Railroad share use of the tracks, and the depot is privately owned. ©2022 Chip

A monument to time

Comparing Time plaque on bronze statue across from fromer UP Cheyenne, WY, depot. September 20, 2022. Sculptor Joey Bainer. James L. Ehernberger, donor. ©2022 Chip Comparing Time plaque on bronze statue across from fromer UP Cheyenne, WY, depot. September 20, 2022. Sculptor Joey Bainer. James L. Ehernberger, donor. ©2022 Chip

A Light Rail derailment

On the accident scene at S. Sable Blvd. and East Eexposition Avenue RTD accident looks like excessive speed Three folks injured taken to a hospital  R Line light rail in Aurora, CO. accident happened 3:45 PM Wednesday, 21 September 2022. ©2022 Chip

OmniTRAX, has signed a letter of intent to purchase the bankrupt San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad.
Courtesy Rail Group News

The Valley Courier reports that while OminTRAX has signed a letter of intent to purchase the SLRG, the railroad has not yet been sold. William Brandt, the trustee overseeing the possible sale, said that a final agreement has not yet been reached. Brandt said, “A deal has been reached in principle, but the deal is still being negotiated.” The OmniTRAX offer is $5.75 million, but approximately $4 million will need to be spent on back taxes.

The SLG is a former Iowa Pacific holdings property, and the line has been operating in bankruptcy for the past three years. OmniTRAX is associated with the Broe Real Estate Group in Denver, and specializes in freight logistics and shipping.

If OmniTRAX and SLG can reach an agreement, it will be submitted to the bankruptcy court, with a hearing expected sometime in October.

Colorado Pacific power

On September 4, 2022, K&O (WAMX) 3824 was parked on the K&O/CP interchange at Towner, Colorado. The Colorado Pacific (WAMX) painted unit apparently still has not arrived on the CP. I have seen photos of it in eastern Kansas but nothing in western Kansas or eastern Colorado ©2022 Larry Dilts

At the Mantau & Pikes Peak

On September 7th 2022, trains were running on the M&PP. The new modernized depot complements the station area. With the rebuild of the M&PP, a second boarding track was installed at the depot and a pedestrian bridge over the track which makes for nice photos. Only the old rebuilt Swiss units are in operation right now while the new Stadler trains are receiving repairs. ©2022 Larry Dilts


More miniature trains

The Flying W Ranch near the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs operates a short circular miniature train using a home built locomotive built by the Flying W Ranch in 1965. Although a short trip, it crosses a small trestle and passes through a tunnel. The gauge is unknown but appears to be somewhere between 18 and 24 inch. The Ranch opens at 5PM. It survived the devastating Waldo Canyon fire which destroyed the rest of the ranch. ©2022 Larry Dilts


 New commuter equipment going to California

This is the first catch with them running on their own wheelsets, with UP power. Built in Salt Lake City. Tested in Pueblo. Headed eventually to run in California. ©2022 Bob Thiele

Lakeside Amusement Park

The Lakeside Amusement Park operates an odd 22.75 inch gauge railroad which skirts a lake at the amusement park. They are currently only operating their California Zephyr replica while the steam locomotive sat on the siding. It hasn’t been used for a couple of years due to the high fire danger. The sunny Labor Day made for a nice outing. ©2022 Larry  Dilts



Tiny Town

Labor Day 2022 marked the end of the Tiny Town season. The Tiny Town Railroad was operating two trains that day. One was an F A&B Rio Grande painted set while the other used a Uhrich Locomotive built Mason Boggie (the locomotive is diesel powered with the exhaust vent through the stack). The Railroad is a 15 inch gauge railroad operating around the perimeter of the park.©2022 Larry Dilts


The Englewood Belleview Park Railroad

The Englewood Belleview Park Railroad operates a 24” gauge circular railroad through the Belleview Park. September 5, 2022 was the last day of operations for the season. The train crosses two large trestles and passes through one tunnel.©2022 Larry D. Dilts

A miniature train in Pueblo

On September 4, 2020 the City Park Railroad in Pueblo was running its last trains for the season. The 15 inch gauge train makes a 2,200 foot circular trip around the park and a small lake. The Rio Grande painted locomotive was built by Bill Daney and has been operating at the park since 1955.   Larry  Dilts


Operations on the Ringneck & Western RR

Ringneck & Western RR WAMX 4023 with flying pheasant logo was at Chamberlain, South Dakota, September 12, 2022. The Ringneck & Western took over the former Dakota Southern Railway in late May 2021. Line originally built and operated by Milwaukee Road. ©2022 Chip

The Ringneck & Western Railroad (reporting mark RWRR), a subsidiary of Watco, is a railroad that began operations in late May 2021 over 108 miles (174 km) of former Dakota Southern Railway track between Mitchell and Presho, South Dakota. The railroad was formed after Watco purchased the 189.7 miles (305.3 km) of track between Mitchell and Kadoka, South Dakota from the state of South Dakota in 2021. The line beyond Presho, SD, is out of service with the US Highway 83 expressway crossing having been removed in the early 2000s during the years that the line was used only for car storage.

New power for the Colorado Pacific

Colorado Pacific RR has purchased two National Railway Equipment (NRE) SD40 locomotives. CXR 1964 was built January 1971 as Penn Central 6270. The other unit is CXR 1923. Both units were refurbished and painted by NRE at Mt Vernon, IL, and moved west by BNSF. Units were at NA Junction east of Boone, CO. ©2022 Chip

On the UP

UP dispatcher had UP 3057 East stop to assist double coal load with 283-cars to pickup conductor who setout two bad ordered coal cars at Cozad, NE, 26 August 2022. Note 3057 was the only locomotive on unit auto train from Milipitas, California, to Chicago, IL. ©2022 Chip UP 1111, SD70ACe Powered by Our People, east of North Platte, NE, sunrise August 27, 2022. UP train M NPAL-27 the North Platte, NE, to Altoona, Wisconsin. ©2022 Chip

The Employee Pride Locomotive – was created to honor the men and women of Union Pacific Railroad. Locomotive's number – 1111 -- represents Union Pacific's goal to be the No. 1 railroad with the No. 1 employees who have the No. 1 safety dedication with 1 vision – Building America.

New power for Amtrak

ALC-42 AMTK 301 leads an all star cast of brand new power including 309, 313, and 314 and test car among the usual consist and not a GE P42 mud-missile in sight. Cold soaking rain at Moffat East Portal beckons Fall under the Great Divide which has played host to the Most Talked About Train in the Country since 1948. 8/25/22   ©2022 Erik Lindgren

On the G&W at Limon

G&W had yet to repaint this old Rail America motor seen working in Limon. ©2022 Limonrail

Off to a new home

Note BUGX reporting marks are now displayed on former San Luis & Rio Grande RR 1100 at Alamosa, CO. Evidently, Dieselmotive/ Bruggere & Monson has added this sharp looking F-unit to their roster. Heavy rain around Alamosa left puddles on August 22, 2022. ©2022 Chip

Pictures from Kansas

Looney Toones cartoon characters have been showing up on grain hoppers in Colby and Mingo, Kansas. ©2022 Larry Dilts
Balcones Recycling has quite a variety of graffiti artist. To paint so much, they must paint the graffiti at the recycling facility in Dallas,    Texas. I have seen a large number of cars they have painted.©2022 Larry Dilts On August 5, 2022 a Norfolk Southern C44C6M was on a grain train at Cornerstone Ag in Colby, Kansas. It was nice to see a little variety and clean paint. ©2022 Larry Dilts
On August 20, 2022, a K&O train was parked at Scott City with K&O GP39-2s 3914, 3933, and GP40-2 4010. Number 4010 was the unit on short term lease to the Colorado Pacific stationed at Eads. I have heard that the CP has received their own units now and the leased unit returned to the K&O. ©2022 Larry Dilts  

On the Moffat Sub

Erik Lindgren caught No. 6 at tunnel 15 and South Boulder Peak stands proud high over the craggy Eldorado Canyon. ©2022 Erik Lindgren

3' gauge in central Michigan

The Huckleberry Railroad, which is part of Crossroads Village, operates about a 5 mile line with loops at each end. The steam engine operates on weekends and a diesel, once owned by the Georgetown Loop railroad, operates during weekdays. The railroad also owns K_27 D&RGW No. 464, one of only theee  Rio Grande engines narrow gauge engines not in Colorado. (The other is in Knotts Berry Farm in California.)

The line operates over an old Pere Marquette right of way. I was told that narrow gauge was chosen as when they were constructing the line in 1977, standard gauge equipment was either unavailable or too expensive.

No. 167 is a Baldwin product, tracing it history back to the Alaska Railroad. ©2022 Walter Weart The caboose and coach came from Mexico. ©2022 Walter Weart
A blow down on the first loop. ©2022 Walter Weart I guess the conductor is looking at  the "White Walls" for sliding wheels but the land is table top flat. .©2022 Walter Weart
A view on the second loop. The first car was built in their shops. ©2022 Walter Weart The 2-8-0 is from Mexico and is thought to be in such poor condition as to make restoration not worthwhile. ©2022 Walter Weart
The Pere Marquette caboose is fully restored and it open the visitors. ©2022 Walter Weart This caboose is not in Guide but appears to be well cared for. ©2022 Walter Weart

Every year, the Huckleberry railroad posts a Railfan Weekend. I have attached a link to a PDF file which contains a copy of the 2022 Guide. The pages are not in the correct sequence however it will give you a history of the railroad and an overview of its equipment.

The Golden Switcher with a caboose, no, I mean switching  platform

On August 18, I found the Golden Switcher heading home with a switching platform. ©2022 Walter Weart

A UP train on the move

UP 2757 departed UP's North Yard, Denver, CO, via the Belt Line at Control Point (CP) DS 900 Broadway with the Green River, WY, manifest, rainy August 16, 2022. ©2022 Chip

A new color scheme for the Great Western

OmniTrax's Great Western Railway has painted one of their ex-Canadian National GP 40­2LW locomotives into an attractive orange paint scheme. The other three four axle locomotives are being painted into a gray paint scheme. OMLX 4011 was near Windsor, Colorado, August 10, 2022. ©2022 Chip OmniTrax’s Great Western Railway OMLX 4011 crossed over the new I-25 girder bridge east of Loveland, Colorado, August 10, 2022. ©2022 Chip

Side view of OmniTrax 4011 ©2022 Chip

Friends from north of the border

Canadian Pacific 9839, AC4400CW, was on BNSF's Q-train; Q ALTPTL Alliance, TX, to Portland, OR, moved north on the Joint Line at Sedalia, Colorado, August 7, 2022. ©2022 Chip

G&W at Limon

G&W at Limon ©2022 Limon Rail

 ( Ed note:There have been some comments about the orange paint fading. Another e-mail said that orange pigments tend to fade more quickly in the sun. Speaking from personal experience back in the mid-1980s, we had a locomotive on the Great Western where the orange fated to kind of a soft pink. That locomotive is now out of the Heber Creeper in Utah.I think they are planning on repainting it into the Union Pacific colors if they have not already done so, which was its original owner

From the dome behind 4014

UP 4014 North trip view from Colorado Eagle - UPP 8004 dome La Salle, CO, 30 July 2022. UP Museum fund raiser. Train ran north on Greeley Subd. Signal maintainers were working around the new signal bridges. ©2022 Chip

A really great catch

Eastbound BNSF 4718, C44-9W warbonnet, handled the Provo, Utah, to Denver, CO, manifest across UP’s Moffat Tunnel Subdivision. Second unit was Canadian Pacific 8076. Train crew was relieved at Rollinsville and fresh crew boarded for remaining run to Denver. Westbound Denver to Provo, UT, train H DENPVO passed with BNSF 7947, ES44C4 DPU, on the main. ©2022 Chip

On the Joint Line

Bob Thiele shot the train  at Palmer Lake and at the 105 bridge in Monument ©2022 Bob Thiele

A Canadian Visitor

Bob Thiele caught a Thursday northbound mega empty Coal train with a last facing out CPACU Unit ©2022 Bob Thiele

Maintenance on the Beer line

A laser guided tamper was working on the Beer Line on August 2. A Ballast Regulator followed behind. First time I seen MOW equipment on the Beer Line in a few years. ©2022 Walter Weart

Some different trains in Kansas

July 29, 2022, Sharon Springs, Kansas. The Wallace County Fair in Sharon Springs, Kansas, operates a 15 inch gauge passenger train home built by Larry Sterrett. The manufacture date is unknown but it has an interesting history. The train operated at Loveland, Colorado until 1976 when the Big Thompson River flooded burying the train and the rest of the carnival. The Wallace County Fair Board went to Loveland and salvaged the train and the amusement rides moving them to Sharon Springs where it operates each year during fair week. ©2022 Larry Dilts
July 27, 2022, Leoti, Kansas. The Wichita County Fair in Leoti, Kansas, operates a 16 inch gauge passenger train built by the Miniature Train Co. Located near the K&O in Leoti is the Wichita County Fair grounds. One of the fair amusement rides is the 16 inch-gauge streamliner built by Miniature Train Company with SP Daylight colored passenger train using an EMD F unit replica. The 16-inch gauge was introduced in 1946 becoming the companies most popular gauge. Leoti’s train was built by Miniature Train Company probably before 1955. The company was sold to the Allan Herschell Company in 1956 who continued to built the Miniature Train sets until 1963 when they introduced their own train model. They preferred the 24 inch-gauge. ©2022 Larry Dilts 

4014 in Denver

UP 4014 moves north from Denver Union Station on 30 July. This special passenger train was a fund-raiser for the Union Pacific Museum, destined for Cheyenne.©2022 Dave Schaaf

UP 4014 Big Boy 10-car train backed in Denver Union Station track 5 on Friday, July 29, 2022 past Coors Field. Onlookers were everywhere for the occasion. Three dome cars were on the UP Museum Special; Colorado Eagle - UPP 8004 dome diner, Challenger - UPP 7015 dome coach, and Walter Dean - UPP 9005 dome lounge obs. The Colorado Eagle was built by American Car & Foundry in 1955 as dome diner No. 8004. It was reacquired by Union Pacific in 1993 and named the Colorado Eagle after the synonymous streamliner, which began service on the Missouri Pacific railroad on June 21, 1942. ©2022 Chip A rainy morning on 28 July 2022 as the Big Boy rolls south through Ault, Colorado. ©2022 Dave Schaaf
UP 4014 Big Boy, Alco 4-8-8-4, backed 10-car UP Museum Special from UP's North Yard, Denver, CO, at Prospect Junction into Denver Union Station. 29 July 2022. Amazing how Union Pacific arranged for their train to use BNSF rails to access Denver Union Station after cancelling California and Portland, Oregon, trip in June 2022. ©2022 Chip UP 4015, SD70M, the diesel equipped with Positive Train Control (PTC)>©2022 Chip
Denny Leonard found 4014 on its way to Union Station. ©2022 Denny Leonard
Chip caught an aerial view 4014 passing over I-70 inbound to Denver Un0in Station. ©2022 Chip UP 4014 Big Boy, Alco 4-8-8-4, was on the North Yard Lead near C&S Junction northwest of Denver, CO, early 29 July 2022. The UP Museum Special had overnighted at Utah Junction storage yard near Pecos Street bridge. Train back from C&S past UP’s North Yard and used BNSF Buck Main (same used by Amtrak) to access Denver Union Station for display on track 5.©2022 Chip

A tired looking locomotive on its way home

Hollis Eastern 8170, GP10, ex-Illinois Central 9170 GP9, was at Union Pacific's North Yard, Denver, Colorado, July 22, 2022. Locomotive used by Mountain Cement Company at Laramie, Wyoming, in recent years and returned to Laramie about July 23rd. ©2022 Chip

The Rocky Mountaineer at night

Rocky Mountaineer 8021, GP 40­3, idled at Union Pacific's 36th Street Yard, Denver, Colorado, after evening showers July 24, 2022.  ©2022 Chip

A power move with some older locomotives

Bob Thiele caught a power move with older locomotives. ©2020 Bob Thiele  

A Cement unit train with a Warbonnet

Bob Thiele caught a cement train Lake with a Warbonnet at Palmer Lake. ©2020 Bob Thiele   

Getting ready for the day

While running errands today, July 20, I watched the Golden Switcher make up it's train. 3 man crew with two on ground, makes it a little easier. ©2020 Walter Weart

One of Amtrak's newest locomotive

New Amtrak 301, ALC-42, 50th Anniversary unit was dropped off at Denver Union Station by train number 5, the California Zephyr, Saturday, July 16, 2022.  Unit was basking in Sunday morning light July 17th on track #5.  ©2020 Chip

A Milw Observation  is going to a new home

Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway (ACRW) 3311, purchased ex-Milwaukee Road 15 - named Coffee Creek, from the Iowa Pacific bankruptcy sale back in 2020. Car had been stored at San Luis & Rio Grande RR Alamosa, CO, shop building in recent years. Car moved via Union Pacific's North Yard, Denver, CO, to North Platte, NE, at Utah Junction north of Denver, CO, July 12, 2022. ©2022 Chip
ACWR 3311 Skytop sleeper (ex-Milwaukee Road 15 named Coffee Creek) was at Platteville, CO, July 12, 2022. Union Pacific's North Yard, Denver, CO, to North Platte, NE, train M NYNP-12. ©2022 Chip

They're gone

The regular power is back on the Golden Switcher. Sorry about the sign, shot this from a moving car. ©2022 Walter Weart

Retro power for the Golden Switcher

BNSF 1638, SD40-2, and BNSF 2854, GP39-2 nee-ATSF 3640, 'bluebonnets' matching paint schemes - rare power lash in 2022-! Golden Local at Golden, CO, July 7, 2022. ©2022 Chip

fter receiving a tip that older SF power was being used on the Golden Switcher I went to Golden to see for sure. I haven't seen the paint scheme for a while. Not sure how long these will be around so plan to see them soon.©2022 Walter Weart

318 on the move

with some help from a friend ©2022 Walter Weart

An Amtrak motor

Amtrak‘s future motive power arrived at Denver, Colorado, Tuesday, July 5, 2022 awaiting California Zephyr crew familiarization. ©2022 Chip

BNSF motors on the Denver & Rock Island

BNSF 1736, SD40-2, picking up Denver Rock Island RR interchange Denver Stockyards, CO, 8:05 AM, 5 July 2022. Rare daylight move ©2022 Chip The massive National Western Complex Denver Stockyards
redevelopment is evident in the distance.

July 1st at Coors Field

Fireworks exploded over Coors Field after Colorado Rockies baseball game July 1, 2022 to kick off Fourth of July weekend around Denver, Colorado. Note inbound Denver RTD commuter rail train lower right. ©2022 Chip Fireworks over tracks leading into Denver Union Station. Coors Field after Colorado Rockies baseball game July 1, 2022 kicked off Fourth of July weekend around Denver, Colorado. Crowds were out for the post COVID opportunity. ©2022 Chip
Fireworks exploded over Coors Field after Colorado Rockies baseball game July 1, 2022 to kick off Fourth of July weekend around Denver, Colorado. Had hoped to catch late running Amtrak California Zephyr in foreground but it fell down coming
across the Colorado Rockies (4-hours late that night). ©2022 Chip
Fireworks exploded over Coors Field after Colorado Rockies baseball game July 1, 2022 to kick off Fourth of July weekend around Denver, Colorado. Note inbound Denver RTD commuter rail train (blurred movement) lower right. ©2022 Chip

Ft. Collins Birneys

This photo came attached an Intermountain Chapter NRHS e-mail and Keith Kirby may have taken the photo. If he is not photographer, let me know who they are, I will give him/her credit. This shows both Ft. Collins Birneys, both in correct colors.

A visitor going home?

Coming out of the TTC after spending some time there. Not sure direction it's headed tho. Photo attached taken today, June 27 2022 at Pueblo Co. ©2022 Ben Helsel

 Klondike Kate

Georgetown Loop  No. 4 gets a boiler wash at Silver Plume. ©2022 Denny Leonard

A DOT inspection vehicle visits Denver

While leaving the National Garden Railway Convention,  we saw this FRA high rail inspection vehicle. This may replicate many of the functions of the larger rail only cars These include Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS) to measure gage, alignment and track surface and calculate safe train speeds in curved track, Ride Quality Measurement System (RQMS) to measure truck and car body forces in g's, Differential Global Measurement System and (DGMS) to provide high accuracy GPS coordinates for exceptions and for each foot surveyed  along with Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS) Both pictures   Susie Weart

A Heritage unit in Colorado

Norfolk Southern 1070, Wabash Heritage unit SD70ACe, was the rear DPU on Union Pacific's Savage Loadout, Utah, 105-car coal load parked at Pinecliffe, CO, June 22, 2022. Eastbound coal load was parked in accordance with UP's Level One Heat restriction - temperature at 85 F or higher and train had over 9,000 tons between Rocky Siding and Pinecliffe, CO. This train was over 14,000 tons! ©2022 Chip

On the Joint Line

BNSF 8547 leads a sister ACe south through the S-curve just south of Monument, CO.  ©2022 Chris Paulhamus BNSF 6150 leads a northbound coal empty through the Greenland Open Space in Greenland, CO while a snow-covered Pikes Peak rises to the sky some 25 miles away. ©2022 Chris Paulhamus
 On Jun 18, 2022, Jim Griffin captured this train at Palmer Lake.  ©2022 Jim Griffin

PVs on the Moffat Sub

Patrick Henry's private varnish dome lounge featured drumhead for Paul Soreson birthday trip. Amtrak''s California Zephyr, train #5, passed Gross Dam at Crescent, Colorado, June 16, 2022. PV's Warren R. Henry and sleeper Evelyn Henry had laid over at Denver Union Station June 14 and 15th. ©2022 Chip

A Beer train waiting for clearance

On June 16, an eastbound Beer train is waiting for clearance in Arvada just east Marshall. While most of the cars are covered hoppers, note the white Cryogenics boxcar which Coors may be using to ship beer.  ©2022 Walterr Weart

A Warbonnet

Not the best picture but a catching a Warbonnet, even trailing, is worthwhile. Susie shot this picture from the car near Cheyenne. ©2022 Susie Weart

The Silvis shops

Donated Union Pacific RR historical equipment will be housed at the massive former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR Silvis Shops in Silvis, IL. View of Railroading Heritage of Midwest America Silvis Shops west end next to the administration building June 9, 2022. Iowa Interstate RR 505 was outside the huge erecting building. ©2022 Chip Donated Union Pacific RR historical equipment will be housed at the massive former Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR Silvis Shops in Silvis, IL. View of Railroading Heritage of Midwest America Silvis Shops east end June 6, 2022. Lower right; Norfolk Southern Genset 3GS21B outside the huge erecting building. ©2022 Chip

A Meet at Colorado Springs

On the way to the Lake yesterday after noon, early evening, we stopped to get shots of the Loaded Ray Nixon on BNSF by the Olympic-Paralympic Museum. BNSF ES44AC 6094 with BNSF ES44AC 6301 leads and surprise, BNSF ES44DC 7942 meets and passes. Believe the 7942 was the SB Q SPOALT. Sometimes timing is great. ©2022 Ben Helsel

Iowa Interstate steam engine

Iowa Interstate 6988 QJ 2-10-2 was steamed up June 10, 2022 at Newton, Iowa. Plan was to run mixed train two coaches
and empty tank cars to Silvis, Illinois, on Saturday. June10, 2022. ©2022 Chip
Iowa Interstate RR 6988 steam locomotive crossed the Iowa River at Iowa City,  IA, Saturday, June 11, 2022. Train operated from Newton, Iowa to Silvis, Illinois. ©2022 Chip

The ILCAD special on it's way to Pueblo

he BNSF provided a special train to transport attendees to the ILCAD convention for a visit to TTCI. The group is International Level Crossing Awareness Day and is an organization devoted to not only grade crossing safety but trespassing and suicide prevention. The U.S. member is Operation Lifesaver and I was able to attend this conference but declined to take the train as I had other commitments. With so many pictures, I won't try to caption them as you know this area very well. I will make sure the photographer gets credit.

The consist: BNSF 7529, BNSF 4240, Mt San Antonio (BNSF 53), Valley View (BNSF 29), Flathead River (BNSF 41), Powder River (BNSF 45), Fox River (BNSF 40), Colorado River (BNSF 44), Mountain View (BNSF 28), Missouri River (BNSF 4), Canyon View (BNSF 35), Lake Superior (BNSF 10), Trinchera Pass (BNSF 67), Topeka (BNSF 6), Eagle Pass (BNSF 69), Glorieta Pass (BNSF 63), Snoqualmie Pass (BNSF 62), Mt. Bearhat (BNSF 54), BNSF 7986.  Thank you Wesley.Greer.

eTrain symbols were ODENPUE 910 morning  OPUEDEN 910 evening

©2022 Erik Lindgren  
©2022 Scott Whitney And  bonus, a Warbonnet on an Intermodal train. ©2022 Scott  Whitney
©2022 Matt Kool ©2022 Matt Kool

Pictures from Kansas

At Calhan, the railroad park has acquired another caboose number 17085. I believe this is the one that was used on a number of excursions on the Cadillac & Lake City in the 1980s. Also RI wooden caboose 17658 has been repainted. So far only one side
 has been stenciled.
©2022 Larry D. Dilts
On June 7, 2022 at Eads, the Colorado Pacific was switching tank cars with leased WAMX 4010.  ©2022 Larry D. Dilts
On June 7, 2022 at Pultney siding west of Olney Springs was a string of tank cars. These may be ones that were recently cleaned
 in that the number of stored cars east of NA Jct. have been reduced.
©2022 Larry D. Dilts
At Sharon Springs, Kansas, June 7, 2022 was a westbound crude oil train lead by UP 5402. It was pulling onto the mainline after a loaded eastbound coal train had arrived. ©2022 Larry D. Dilts
Pulling up the rear of the crude oil train was distributed power unit UP 8621. It was passing by CHS’s SD40-2 former BNSF 7264.
©2022 Larry D. Dilts
On the K&O, June 7, 2022, at Towner, was K&O 4026 and two other units moving grain hoppers through the Cargill elevator loading chute. ©2022 Larry D. Dilts

Snow on the Moffat sub

Erik Lindgren caught this coal empty just after our last snowstorm  ©2022 Erik Lindgren  

Georgetown Loop No. 8 at the Moffat Museum

Ex Georgetown Loop No. 8 shay is now on display at the Moffat museum in Granby CO. ©2022 Denny Leonard

Canadian power on a unit grain train

David Grothe shot this at Castle Rock at 17:45m Ay 31, 2022.  ©2022 David Grothe

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