Rocky Mountain Railroad Club Application Form

To become a member of the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club, please print this page, fill in the form, and mail it to the address below:

Attention: Membership
P.O. Box 2391
Denver, CO 80201-2391

For Regular members the full year dues are $30.00 with the Rail Report delivered by email. The Regular Member full year dues are $45.00 with the Rail Report delievered by USPS paper delivery.

An associate membership for spouses and children is available for a yearly rate of $25.00. International membership is available for a full year rate of $45.00, with Rail Report by Email delivery only.

Dues for the next year are involiced in November of the current year. New members joining after June 1 owe a remittance at one half the yearly rate as stated above.

Ordered by:

Zip Code:
Telephone Number:
Email :

I am enclosing $_______________ for this order


Method of Payment

Payment is by check or money order only.

We do not accept cash payments

The club accepts Pay Pal for all online membership transactions of new or renewing members.