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The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club was founded in 1938. Our objectives are:

Promote and encourage a public interest in railroads
Sponsor excursions and meetings
Assist the collection, preservation and exhibition of records, books, maps and equipment pertaining to railroads through support of existing library and museum collections
Publish and distribute such DVD's as will further carry out the objectives of the Club

When the Club was first founded, the charter members were committed to preserving railroad history through the publication of books and acquisition of equipment. In the subsequent seven decades that tradition has continued through the efforts of the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club and the Rocky Mountain Historical Foundation. Books and video's produced by the club provide a definitive history of several Colorado railroads are sought eagerly by collectors.

Our organization is dedicated to the preservation of historic railroad equipment and encouraging an interest in the railroad tradition. The Club has over 400 members. The majority of our members are from Colorado, but there are also members in 46 states and 3 foreign countries.

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President: Andy Dell
President Emeritus: Denny Leonard
Vice-President Club: Dave Schaaf
Secretary: Steve Subber
Treasurer: Keith Jensen

Board of Directors:

Director: Michael Tinetti
Director: Debbie MacDonald
Director: Nathan Zachman
Director: Pat Mauro

Committee Chairs

Programs: Dave Schaaf
Membership: Michael Tinetti
Newsletter Editor: Bruce Nall
Webmaster: Michael Tinetti
News Page Master Wally Weart

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