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CRRM Event Ticket Purchase and Food Selection

Thank you for using our Pay Pal payment system. In order for us to tell the caterer how many portions of each food selection, you need to tell us the names of your party members and their food selection.

When you click on "Email for Name and Food Selections" a new blank email will appear. The From, To, and Subject fields are already filled in. In the body of the email list the names of your party members and their food selection. The food selections are BBQ Brisket or BBQ pulled chicken.

Email for Names and Food Selections

If no email is received all members of your party will automatically be signed up for the BBQ Brisket.

Now that you have emailed us the names of those is in your party and their meal selection, click in the "Number in Party" box. Back space over the one when there is more than one in your party. Type the number in your party. Then, Click on Buy Now. You will be taken to our shopping cart.

Rocky Club May 19, 2024 Train Ride and Picnic at CRRM
Enter number in your party and then click Buy Now




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