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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.   Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with and contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

Photo specs: 800 X 600, max of 1024 X 800 72 dpi or ppi is standard for the web. GIF or TIF is preferred as these are considered lossless versus lossy  (A lossy compression (JPG) method is one where compressing data and then decompressing it retrieves data that may well be different from the original). I reduce some pictures to 640 x 480 if I put them side by side.

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An unusual visitor

BNSF 5254 North had BCOL 4620 rear DPU passed Utah Junction north of Denver, CO, December 10, 2017 on Front Range Subdivision. Unit frac sand train for Fort Collins, CO. ©2017 Chip

Empty autoracks on the move

On 2 December, BNSF 5315 leads a long string of empty autoracks south through Larkspur, CO. ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

On the Kyle 

On December 4, 2017, Kyle (Utah) 5001 and Kyle 9345 were parked on the mainline on the east side of Colby airing up the brakes before proceeding west with 81 cars. ©2017 Larry Dilts

On the Joint Line

On 17 November Chris saw BNSF 9093 bringing a southbound coal train over the Palmer Divide in Palmer Lake, CO. ©2017 Chris Paulhamus


On 25 Nov 17, BNSF 9093 leads a southbound coal load through downtown Colorado Springs, CO and by the old Rio Grande Depot. ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

Some activity on the Great  Western

Santa wears sunglasses! Windsor Wonderland @ Windsor, Colorado, December 2, 2017. OmniTrax Great Western Railway business car Yellowstone #1. ©2017 Chip OmniTrax Great Western Railway was installing grade crossing signals on Eastman Park Drive near former Kodak Windsor Industrial Park December 2, 2017. Midsouth Railroad Services Ron Doremus doing the work. ©2017 Chip
OmniTrax Great Western Railway along Eastman Park Drive near former Kodak Windsor Industrial Park December 2, 2017. Windsor, Colorado.  ©2017 Chip

New power on its way to their new owner.

EPTA 901 Siemens ACS-64 & MARC 82 SC-44 at Denver, Colorado, December 4, 2017 sunrise. Setting moon over the eastbound UP train. Siemens new locomotives moved from California via Colorado to East St. Louis, Illinois and on to eastern commuter rail operations.©2017 Chip

Our local short line at work

Denver Rock Island RR 1083, SW1500, used lead across BNSF Jersey Line December 1, 2017 Denver’s Stockyards, Denver, Colorado. Denver Rock Island Railroad does serve several customers in the Denver Stockyard. ©2017 Chip

On the Joint Line

On 25 November, 2017 BNSF 9093 leads a southbound coal train through the Air Force Academy in Colorado as seen from the South Gate Bridge. This spot is directly over the north siding switch at Academy. The searchlights that used to stand guard here are gone, replaced with PTC-compliant signals, but at least the code line remains...for now.  ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

More foreign power helping out

BNSF Denver to Laurel MT; BNSF 4690, CSXT 5266  & KCS 4114 passed Broomfield, CO, 12:25 PM Thursday, November 30, 2017 moving north on Front Range Subdivision.  Chip ©2017

Foreign power on an oil train

On November 28, Kevin Morgan  photographed ta unit oil train with KCS power in the consist. Alas, the KCS units were 2nd and 3rd out and a BNSF SD70ACe was on the point. Still, the train looks mighty fine as it rolls east in between Rocky and Leyden (UP Moffat Tunnel Sub). Back in 2015, it seemed that oil trains might replace coal trains as the staple on the Moffat. However, that changed quickly when oil prices dropped. Now, one only shows up once every few months (at best). ©2017 Kevin Morgan

KCS power on the Local

On November 28, Tim Tonge caught the Pikes Peak Local with KCS power. This was the power from the military train a few days ago and added at Kelker. ©2017 Tim Tonge

A little engine and a Big train

A Trackmobile certainly has it's work cut out for it as it moves cars at a warehouse in Golden. ©2017 Walter Weart

CSX lends a hand

Eastbound Union Pacific coal load had CSX 3202 and 529 departing Denver, Colorado, November 28, 2017. Train on Kansas Pacific (UP Limon Subdivision). ©2017 Chip

A private owner locomotive

SSRX 605 works the Frontier Ag dry fertilizer facility located on the east side of Ginnell, Kansas. ©2017 Larry Dilts

Glenwood Springs museum to close on November 27(From Trains Newswire)

The Glenwood Railway Museum will close its doors permanently Nov. 27 after failing to renegotiate its expired lease. For the past five years, the museum had been renting space in the Union Pacific-owned Seventh Street Amtrak depot. That agreement expired at the end of 2016 and required the museum to pay only $250 per year. 

The museum had switched to a year-by-year contract during negotiations, but was unable to work out terms that allowed them to stay. 

"It's just sad that we're unable to raise the funding necessary to preserve what I think is a very important part of the history, the story of this county and this community," said Pat Thrasher, the museum's manager. The Post Independent, Glenwood Springs' newspaper, reported that Union Pacific wanted to begin charging the museum market rates, which would have cost $25,000 annually. 

Thrasher told the newspaper that the museum staff will spend the Thanksgiving weekend trying to find homes for the artifacts. The museum might possibly find a new location in the future, but Thrasher says that the attendance will suffer without the visitors from Amtrak California Zephyr trains who stop at the town. 

"I would like to think we're more than just a place where Amtrak passengers hang out while they're waiting for a train," he said.

A private owner locomotive

SSRX 118 rebuilt EMD GP10 Built as Milwaukee Road 2379, GP9, Serial Number 21203 Order Number 5428, Frame Number 5428-2 Built 5/1956. Formerly Tacoma Rail 2006 now repainted and part of S&S Sales and Leasing. Eaton, Colorado, November 24, 2017 along Union Pacific Greeley Subdivision at fracing sand unloading facility. ©2017 Chip

Action along the Joint Line

KCS 4192 SD70ACE & 4114 on BNSF unit train passed Pueblo Depot, Pueblo, Colorado, November 25, 2017. ©2017 Chip Northbound KCS 4114 & 4194 arrived Pueblo, CO, 12:15 PM, November 25, 2017. Passed ATSF 2912, 4-8-4, steam locomotive
KCS Southern Belles 4192 & 4114 on northbound BNSF unit military train approached Kelker, CO, November 25, 2017 just before sunset. ©2017 Chip CN 2977 rear DPU on UP 7091 south passed Prospect Junction, Denver, CO, 8:57 AM November 26, 2017 going to Nixon Generating Station south of Fountain, CO. ©2017 Chip

A UP special locomotive

On November 17, 2017  Nathan Zachman photographed a westbound Union Pacific Council Bluffs Iowa to Oakland California passenger extra. Lead locomotive #1943 is the recently released custom painted SD70ACe that honors Veterans and celebrated the B-17 “Spirit of the Union Pacific” that flew in WWII. Also recognized the creation of the US Air Force. VERY VERY LUCKY to catch this train on its journey through the Heartland. Fowler Ks November 17, 2017  ©2017 Nathan Zachman

Some local action

UP 7354 west was a North Yard, Denver to Phillipsburg, Colorado, extra train November 18, 2017. Moffat Tunnel Line was busy!   Chip
Canadian Pacific 9757 moved from the BNSF’s service tracks to BNSF‘s 31st Street Yard, Denver, Colorado, November 19, 2017.  Power went to west on the Denver to Provo, Utah, train that afternoon.  ©2017 Chip


BNSF 9144 S. with Q-train headed to Alliance, Texas, passed South Denver, Colorado, 12:05 PM, November 19, 2017.  ©2017 Chip

On the Joint Line at Greenland

On November 4,
BNSF 8772 leads a pair of ACes with a southbound coal train down the backside of the Palmer Divide and out of Palmer Lake, CO. ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

A Private Car visits Denver

Private Varnish Sierra Hotel dome lounge moved from California to Chicago, IL, on Amtrak's train 6, the California Zephyr, passed through Denver November 3, 2017. Views at Prospect Junction and Denver Union Station.

Sierra Hotel started out as Silver Lounge built by the Budd in 1948 for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. CB&Q Silver Lounge was designed for and was part of the consist of the California Zephyr traveling the same route that had conceived the Vista-Dome. The Silver Lounge was a mid-train dormitory/coffee shop/lounge car which included the Cable Car Lounge. Car was a crew dormitory and the rooms of the train's Chef and Zephyrette hostess. Sierra Hotel has been modified with a rear platform. ©2017 Chip

Two views of the Georgetown Loop

David Conrad took this unusual view of the Silver Plume yard and buildings. ©2017 David Conrad No. 111 leads a train towards Devil's Gate. ©2017 David Conrad

Action on the Joint Line

Alan Schenkel was north of Sedalia on October 29 and caught some of the action such as a north bound QALTPTL train.  ©2017 Alan Schenkel A north bound coal empty. ©2017 Alan Schenkel
Another shot of the northbound coal empty. ©2017 Alan Schenkel A pair of SD40-2s brings in cars from the Kyle on the UP Limon Sub at Tower Road test of Denver. ©2017 Alan Schenkel

A drawbar pulled

Chris Paulhamus was in the right place to get pictures of a pulled drawbar on a BNSF coal train.  Certainly not a good day for the crew. ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

The PPL near Castel Rock

BNSF 2549, a GP39-3, leads the October 27th PPL north into Castle Rock. The train had two boxcars that were picked up from Acme Brick in Castle Rock on the previous day's southbound trip along with a handful of covered hoppers. ©2017 David Grothe

A preserved Rio Grande caboose

Marcus Rail owned former Denver & Rio Grande Western RR caboose 01447 to be preserved once it leaves closed Burnham Shops, Denver, Colorado, November 2017.  ©2017 Chip

A painting from Joe Priselac

Looking back to the early 1950's, Union Pacific three cylinder 4-12-2 steam engine No. 9029 with refrigerated cars passes UP gas turbine No. 55 approaching Sherman Hill in Wyoming.  painting and photo by Joe Priselac.

A complete set of CSX power on the Moffat Sub

Kevin Morgan saw CDRWE9-15 as it rolls westbound through Arvada on October 19. It's very unusual to see a complete set of foreign power on the Moffat Sub. ©2017 Kevin Morgan The train rolls across the  Coal Creek canyon bridge which still proudly displays the Rio Grande name. ©2017 Kevin Morgan
On the way  up the hill. ©2017 Kevin Morgan Nearing Tunnel #1. ©2017 Kevin Morgan

On the Royal Gorge 

Royal Gorge Route full dome Buena Vista CRRX 553 has been freshly painted at Canon City during 2017. She will join full dome Rio Vista. Canon City, CO, October 20, 2017. ©2017 Chip
Canon City & Royal Gorge F-unit 403 has been repainted. She is expected to return to Royal Gorge Route service in late 2017. Canon City, CO, October 20, 2017. ©2017 Chip

A different view of the Light Rail

I was attending a meeting at the Hyatt Regency on October 23 and took an opportunity to take a couple pictures of Light Rail cars with a view not often seen. ©2017 Water Weart

On the Joint Line

On 15 Oct 17 Chris Paulhamus found BNSF 9227, A rough-looking ACe and an Exec MAC lead a northbound manifest into Larkspur, CO. An odd power duo for a manifest, for sure, but Chris isnot complaining.

Looks like the lead ACe has seen better days, and, surprisingly, the creme and green on the Exec MAC has held up quite well.  ©2017 Chris Paulhamus

Real heritage locomotives

BNSF 1773 & 1648, SD40-2, Raton Subdivision at Model, Colorado, October 19, 2017. Santa Fe lettering still graces these work horses. The two Santa Fe built units came out of La Junta to Mindeman Siding to move stored grain cars. Cars were moved west to Model, Colorado, to make room for maintenance of way equipment at Mindeman Siding.  ©2017 Chip

Several different paint schemes

David Grothe saw four different paint schemes represented in this locomotive consist including two Warbonnets as this train is on the south end of Castle Rock approaching Larkspur. The Locomotives are 4247, 635, 4134 and 719. ©2017 David Grothe 

A neat piece of track machinery

Caterpillar 329E with drill attachment was on rail sled positioned at Pinecliff, Colorado Union Pacific‘s Moffat Tunnel Subdivision installing pole line October 13, 2017. Amtrak train 5 passed and Nesco electrical subcontractors went back on the main. ©2017 Chip

The Golden local at work

The Golden Local reassemble its train after picking up some cars set out previously. Too far to away to be seen in tbis picture, the conductor is on the ground guiding the engineer to a joint.  ©2017 Walter Weart

Two interesting pictures

BNSF 267 SD75M, ex-BNSF 8267, 16-710-G3 engine 4300 horsepower, painted by Mid-America Car & Locomotive at Kansas City, Missouri earlier in 2017. BNSF Clovis, New Mexico, to Denver, CO, train S CLODEN, passed South Denver October 12, 2017. ©2017 Chip  BNSF westbound auto train on Kansas City Terminal's Argentine Connection Flyover used Track AC1. KCT High Line is track below that swings off to the right (north). September 28, 2017 Kansas City, Missouri along Kansas State line. ©2017 Chip

It must be Fall

Large pumpkins delivered to Palombo Farms Market at Hazeltine Siding near East 112th & US Highway 85 NE of Commerce City, Colorado. Union Pacific 4979 (UP 8390 North) was getting empty auto rack train together October 7, 2017 ©2017 Chip

The final touch

A ballast regulator does the the final work after the Union Pacific completes its tie campaign on the Moffat Sub. ©2017 Walter Weart

Really the end of the line

Chris Paulhamus recently Drove up to the top of Pikes Peak. There were no trains up there during his stay, but I did take a shot of the end of the railway. ©2017 Chris Paulhamus 


Westbound Dakota Southern Railway 37, SD38, ran Mitchell to Kennebec, South Dakota, October 3, 2017. Stopped to grab McDonalds at Chamberlain, SD.  ©2017 Chip Dakota Southern Railway (DSRC) 37, SD38, ex-McCloud RR 37, was on the 
ex-Milwaukee Road line Mitchell to Kennebec SD. Engine ran light from the 
Gavilon  Grain elevator east of Kimball, SD, past White Lake, SD, depot, 
October 2, 2017. ©2017 Chip
Eastbound Dakota Southern Railway 37 passed Mt. Vernon, SD, where the price of gas started at $2.50…ouch! ©2017 Chip BNSF is returning 45 of the SD75's to service, with repainting being 
done at Mid-America Car in Kansas City, and overhauling 
performed at Progress Rail Services in Mayfield, KY. BNSF 221 
with temporary PRLX markings awaits repainting at Mid-America 
Car. Paint scheme is "Heritage"ť. Heritage 4 paint scheme
 with the Heritage 1 style striping and black underframes. ©2017 Chip


Friends of the 261 operated Milwaukee Road 261 from Minneapolis Junction, Minnesota, over the former Milwaukee Road main to Glencoe, MN, October 1, 2017. Train crossed the Mississippi River heading west. Darrell Arndt rode this steam excursion. ©2017 Chip
Dakota Southern Railway sunset. BGCM 9970, GP40. Locomotive from Mike 
Williams other railroads now assigned 9970 to the Dakota Southern Railway. 
The 9970 is painted for Bountiful Grain and Craig Mountain Railroad; line 
consists of the former Camas Prairie Railroad's Grangeville Branch between 
Spalding and Cottonwood, ID. Sunset at Wheat Growers loading loop 
Kennebec, South Dakota, October 3, 2017. ©2017 Chip

Kyle crew change at Flagler

Kyle RR train located at Flagler, CO, changed crews 5:15 PM September 21, 2017. Power; 4075, 9345, Utah 5003 & ex-BN 6843  ©2017 Chip

A DOT locomotive

Chris Paulhamus drove to Pueblo on  Saturday  August 16 to the Pueblo Railway Museum get a picture ot the Department of Transportation U30C on display.  ©2017 Chris Paulhamus 

Ex Utah locomotives working on the Kyle 

Kyle RR 5004, ex-Utah Railway MK-50-3, East at Norton, Kansas headed to Phillipsburg September 21, 2017.   Kyle RR 5004, ex-Utah Railway MK-50-3, East approaching Almena, Kansas headed to Phillipsburg September 21, 2017.  ©2017 Chip
Kyle 5004, MK50-3, 9330, 4047 & 5005 MK50-3 headed to Kyle RR Phillipsburg Locomotive & Car Shop at Phillipsburg, Kansas, September 21, 2017.  ©2017 Chip

CSX helps move the coal

David Grothe caught this southbound coal in Castle Rock with a CSX motor  ©2017 David Grothe

A BNSF Office Car train

BNSF 8186, ES44C4, backed the Stockton, CA, to Denver, CO, 7-car passenger special O STODEN2-11a via UP's Moffat Tunnel Subdivision moved Salt Lake City,UT, and laid over at Kremmling CO. Consist; SNOQUALMIE PASS, BNSF 62, business car, MARIAS PASS, STAMPEDE PASS, TOPEKA, STEVENS PASS, RATON PASS and WILLIAM B STRONG. The Snoqualmie Pass was BNSF 2 Coloumbia River renamed & renumbered 2014. Train over the South Platte River, Denver, CO, September 14, 2017.

Left; Denver RTD N Line (North Metro) construction. The N Line will bring RTD commuter train service from Denver to Commerce City, Northglenn, Thornton, and north Adams County.  ©2017 Chip

From Kansas

Coming to a stop at milepost 223 on the west side of US 83 north of Oakley, Kansas was a unit grain train. Plainville branch grain trains frequently park here until they get clearance to proceed on the mainline. This is a good place to wait in that there are no roads to block for over a mile. The lead units were UP SD70AHs 8955 and 8859 while the distributed power unit on the rear was UP C45AH 2685. It is a 1% grade through this section.  ©2017 tLarry Dilts

From Durango and Chama

Susie and I went to spend the weekend on the narrow gauge, starting with the Durango & Silverton. This is our train at Durango just before boarding time. ©2017 Walter Weart As part of the smoke abatement in Durango most of the switching is done with diesel engines. .No 11 was waiting for an opportunity to get back in the yard after doing some switching. Not sure the history of this engine but I did see one of the locomotives from the Georgetown loop by the roundhouse. ©2017 Walter Weart
Of course, I had to take a picture of the "High Line" which is probably one of the best scenic features on the entire line. ©2017 Walter Weart We're pulling into Silverton while the earlier train is getting ready to depart. ©2017 Walter Weart
The next morning we went over to Chama to ride to Osher and was very surprised to see the 315 spotted by the station. As shown charter below in Jerry days photographs this engine had been out on a photo freight charter. In the background is our train as it was the only one operating from Chama to Antonito. ©2017 Walter Weart A close-up of our train and it was a really great ride with perfect weather and the beginnings of fall color. ©2017 Walter Weart
On the way back I happen to catch this shot of what I think is the 487 which pulled the 455 out of the engine house not sure what was going on but it was a too good a photo opportunity to pass up. ©2017 Walter Weart We drove back through Alamosa and was surprised to see these two San Luis & Rio Grande RR motors sitting in the yard. There was also a lot of equipment and in the yard, both passenger and locomotives, but the light was poor and I didn't think it warranted photography. ©2017 Walter Weart

A photo charter freight on the  Cumbres & Toltec

The Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR ran a three-day charter recreating Rio Grande Southern freight trains. The train is seen departing Osier double heading with D&RGW C18 number 315 and D&RGW K27 number 463 relettered as RGS 455. September 5, 2017 © Jerry B. Day
The RGS freight charter with K27 number 455 and a mixed train of gondolas, tank cars, stock and box cars, plus a real RGS Caboose 0400 running out of Antonito September 4, 2017. © Jerry B. Day
With K27 455 in the lead and C18 315 mid-train helper, the 15 car RGS freight pulls into Osier, Colorado with RGS Caboose 0400 bringing up the rear. September 5, 2017. © Jerry B. Day
C18 number 315 runs as helper to K27 455 around the loop at Osier with the RGS freight. September 5, 2017. © Jerry B. Day
The RGS freight with K27 455 leading and C18 315 mid-train helper pulls into Osier, Colorado. September 5, 2017. © Jerry B. Day K27 463 disguised as RGS 455 pulling a 13 car freight runs west of Antonito, Colorado. September 4, 2017. © Jerry B. Day

BNSF action

BNSF 8186 east 7-car passenger special from Kremmling, CO, to BNSF's Denver Locomotive Shop at Denver, Colorado. Popped out of Moffat Tunnel, East Portal, CO, 7:30 AM September 14, 2017.  ©2017 Chip BNSF 9258 in the early morning light at Palmer Lake, CO, September 1, 2017. The unit is for protection power should it be needed.  ©2017 Chip

An ex Rio Grande B unit on the move

UP's North Platte, NE, to Roseville, CA, train M NPRV 05, was showing to pick up DRGW 5763, F-9B, September 6, 2017 from Cheyenne, WY. Should be a daylight run west of Cheyenne as crew called at 4:10 AM. ©2017 Chip


Copyright 2017 Rocky Mountain Railroad Club.

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