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This page shows interesting railroad happenings as well as breaking railroad news.   Check it often as you may learn the location or schedule of some interesting equipment in time to go out and get some great photographs! If you do go photo 'fanning, please share your pictures with and contact News Page Webmaster Wally Weart.

Photo specs: 800 X 600, max of 1024 X 800 72 dpi or ppi is standard for the web. GIF or TIF is preferred as these are considered lossless versus lossy  (A lossy compression (JPG) method is one where compressing data and then decompressing it retrieves data that may well be different from the original). I reduce some pictures to 559 x 380 if I put them side by side.

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A freshly painted engine

Freshly painted Swan Ranch RR 4184, SD40-2, 4050, SD40-2, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1979, #786178-16, FN 786178-16, as Missouri Pacific 3281. It became UP 4281, Class SD40-2, on 22 April 1986, and renumbered B4281 on 14 August 1992. It was retired on 26 Sept 2001, and sold as WSOR 4050. Renumbered WAMX 4184. Swan Ranch, WY, July 19, 2018.  ©2018 Chip

A Shuttle Wagon in Limon

John found this critter parked by the elevator in West Limon. In the past he had seen a wheel loader there used for moving the hoppers. This contraption is something different for Cargill.  ©2018 Limonrail

The Rio Grande Scenic Railroad is back in operation

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad passenger operations are back on track! We have reopened our line and continue to provide all passenger service as scheduled. Come support Southern Colorado tourism!

Switching at Limon

On July 14, John found the Kyle was switching in Limon. ©2018 Limonrail

A CN motor at Castle Rock

On July 14, David Grothe saw this covered gondola train with BNSF and CN lead power ©2018 David Grothe

A Tunnel Motor in storage

While enroute to the Colorado Railroad Museum last Friday (7/6/18), I planned on dropping by the tank car repair facility at the Coors Brewery. This is where the old UP (ex-DRGW) 9871 SD4OT-2 is stored. The paint on the tunnel motor is looking pretty good still. Rumor has that it'll be stored until there is room and track at the Colorado Railroad Museum. ©2018 Clinton Verseman

Steam may return to the D&S

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad plans to resume coal-fired steam engine service to Silverton on Thursday (July 12, 2018), after more than 40 days stuck in the depot. 

“We are preparing to run on that day,” General Manager John Harper said Tuesday, July 10, 2018.

Harper said the train will work with local agencies and fire districts in the next couple of days to make sure they agree it is safe to run coal-fired engines, which are known for sending off cinders and starting small fires.

On Wednesday (July 11, 2018), La Plata County commissioners will discuss whether to downgrade current Stage 3 fire restrictions, which ban the use of coal-fired steam engines. Lowering fire restrictions would effectively allow D&SNG officials to decide whether it’s safe to run coal-fired engines.

However, there’s no guarantee commissioners will ease fire restrictions. On June 21, for instance, commissioners turned down a request to downgrade to Stage 2 restrictions, arguing the extreme fire danger had not diminished as a result of one weekend of storms. (The Durango Herald)

An Officer train on the UP

2666 W. 8-car engineering inspection train Mesa Siding, Aurora, Limon Subdivision, July 11, 2018. Passed UP 1982 East on coal load on siding. ©2018 Chip

On the Joint Line

On July 7, UP 7757 leads a trio of flag'd units on a northbound CSUX coal empty in Palmer Lake, CO. ©2018 Chris Paulhamus  on July 7, NS 1081 brings up the rear of a southbound coal train as it reaches the top of the Palmer Divide in Palmer Lake, CO. ©2018 Chris Paulhamus

At Palmer Lake on 1 July, 2018, BNSF 6115 leads a northbound Q-train out of Palmer Lake, CO on a beautiful summer morning. 

Two interesting shots from the  Moffat Sub.

Union Pacific 7151 (in a faded set of colors) leads Amtrak Train #5 westbound approaching Tunnel 29 running more than two hours late on July 7, 2018. Not sure what happened to the second Amtrak unit, but this configuration is a bit unusual. ©2018 Dave Goss Sierra Hotel takes the last position of today’s California Zephyr # 5 on July 7, 2018. Built in 1948 at the Silver Lounge, the car went into private service beginning in 1980.©2018 Dave Goss

An update on the Pikes Peak cog railway

Manitou Springs council approves Cog Railway plan

the Manitou Springs City Council heard public comment and took a final vote on The Broadmoor's plan to restore the Pikes Peak Cog Railway, which closed for a thorough evaluation earlier this year.

The council gave preliminary approval to the plan earlier this month and passed the plan by a vote of 6-1 Tuesday.

Councilwoman Becky Elder cast the lone dissenting vote.

"I totally support rebuilding (the Cog)," she said. "But the people of Manitou have been talking to me. They wanted more time and more information. They don't like the 50-year tax break for The Broadmoor."

The Broadmoor plans to start demolishing the existing and aging rail infrastructure this fall, and finish building the new system by 2020. The total cost estimate could be as much as $100 million.

As part of the agreement, Manitou Springs will receive $1.5 million from The Broadmoor to offset lost tax revenue because of the train's closure. The Broadmoor also will help the city provide more parking, ease traffic congestion and build a transportation center and a cog rail museum, possibly on the Hiawatha Gardens property.

A Rocky Club outing

The Club celebrated its 80th anniversary and 80-years since the last train left Como, CO, June 30, 2018. Club members and friends rode the rebuilt narrow gauge rails in the gondola behind Klondike Kate 4 wood burning steam locomotive at the Como rail yard. Thanks to the Jefferson Fire District, our excursion rides operated. Dry and windy conditions had South Park on high alert for wildfires. ©2018 Chip

Club group picture; RMRRC president Steve Mason right of drumhead. Dave Schaaf, vice-president left of drumhead. Nathan Holmes left of Dave. Pat Mauro (gray coveralls) kneeling in foreground has been instrumental in working with the South Park Rail Society Como project.

The Cub donated $10 per club ticket to the Como groups and $10 for the Foundation to fund the grant program. Nathan Holmes painted new name sections for the Club drumhead which was mounted on the end of the rider gondola.

South Park group, the Denver, South Park & Pacific Historical Society is currently in the process of re- storing DSP&P 608, an 1879 wooden boxcar that is the only surviving intact DSP&P freight car, and asked for a grant towards completing that work before next year. Since the car itself is in remarkably good condition for its age and disuse, when the restoration is complete, it will maintain its historic integrity by still being largely original material. Once completed, the car will be kept inside the Como roundhouse and only rolled out occasionally, keeping it safe from the weather and away from vandals. With a strong track record based on their work restoring the Como depot and working with the South Park Rail Society. (Nathan Holmes 2018 grant report) 

A Joint Line train 

BNSF 8595 leads a coal train south as it enters Castle Rock, CO. The second unit is a SD70MACe, which, in my opinion, wears the H3 paint scheme well. I'm not sure if those units are lead-qualified, but I've never caught one on the point. I'm not sure what the status of the MACe program is, but I hope BNSF will squirt out some more...  ©2018 Chris Paulhamus

A very interesting power combination

David found this unusual combination on a s/b Joint Line train with Elephant-style BNSFbonnet GE second out, SD40-2 fourth in lin©2018 David Grothe

Klondike Kates steams again

South Park Rail Society Como Roundhouse. Klondike Kate 4, 2-6-2 Baldwin built in 1912, first steam up in 2018 started June 29, 2018. The South Park Rail Society is a Colorado non-profit 501(c)(3) organization charged with the care and restoration of the 1881 Como Roundhouse, preserving the area's railway history and operating steam locomotive in the South Park of Colorado. Como, Colorado, June 29, 2018.

First 2018 steam up for Klondike Kate 4 for weekend operation June 30 and July 1, 2018.

Most of the work in 2018 was focused on extending the “mainline” south behind the roundhouse and the addition of some more storage tracks. A short extension towards the Como Hotel was first on the list-completed June 2018. This extension (built early June 2018) allows more space for the locomotive and a railcar to clear the depot switch. In 2017, we discovered there was not enough space north of the Como Depot switch to allow the locomotive to switch even a single car from the main track over to the roundhouse lead. David Tomkins granted permission to add a couple lengths of rail on the north end to help remedy this situation. ©2018 Chip
Roaring fire in Klondike Kate 4 at Como, Colorado, 12:40 PM June 29, 2018 ©2018 Chip (Ed. note: Due to extreme fire danger Klondike Kate made two runs on Saturday, June 30 and did not run on Sunday, July 1.) ©2018 Chip

A few pictures from our trip to  Chama

Apparently the normal power for the Royal Gorge is experiencing some mechanical difficulties as this engine is a substitute for the westbound portion of the ride. ©2018 Walter Weart The normal power is parked on a siding as I understand that the Royal Gorge does not have a shop facility repairs could be difficult to perform. ©2018 Walter Weart
Across from the shop that I think the Royal Gorge was using, we found this Rock & Rail locomotive awaiting its next assignment. As we headed away from Canyon City towards Parkdale, we saw miles of stored hoppers cars. While some had Rock & Rail reporting marks, others had different private owners reporting marks.  ©2018 Susie Weart We took a quick detour into Creede and were able to locate the old D&RGW station. It's surrounded on two sides, the south and east, by a lumberyard.. Once you're outside a Creede, the rails are still in place and all the equipment is still at South Fork.  ©2018 Susie Weart

A trip on the CATS

On June 26 we rode the  CATS

On the way to, Chama, we stopped at Sergeants and photographed the water tank and the other two buildings that are still there. We also threw a handful of dollar bills in their collection bucket   ©2018 Susie Weart The CATS added an extra car to our train so we wound up with a doubleheader.The road engine is 484 and the helper is 487 ©2018 Walter Weart
The Friends were in the middle of a two-week work program and obviously 483 is one of the projects. They were also restoring an old rider boxcar which will be used for paint storage. They are also working on the property, repairing, rebuilding and repainting rolling stock. They have replaced many of the metal mileposts with authentic wood ones . ©2018 Walter Weart You have to take pictures of the train and we were in the second car from the locomotives which will give you an idea of the length of the train.  ©2018 Susie Weart
Another view as we made our way up to Wendy Point and Cumbres Pass ©2018 Walter Weart This is the station at Cumbres Pass ©2018 Susie Weart
We even had a meet with a freight train. I'm not sure why the cars and the caboose with there but everyone of them have been restored and was really neat. There was no power in sight but when we returned to Chama the train was gone ©2018 Susie Weart This is the caboose shot from the train and as you can see by the shadows the picture was very backlit.  ©2018 Walter Weart
As we rode back to Chama, we changed trains at Oshier after a really great lunch. Both trains arrived almost the same time and the Lunch workers did a marvelous job and got everybody back on a train with virtually no delay.  ©2018 Susie Weart Susie got a marvelous shot our train heading for Antonito. All and all, the ride and the weather could not have been better  ©2018 Susie Weart

Cheyenne Frontier Days train 

This is less than a month away, some interesting changes for this year's Cheyenne Frontier Days train: 

1) The train is departing Denver at 6:30AM instead of 7AM. 

2) The train shows departing from UP's North Yard, which will have them travel on the Belt Line Connection to reach the Greeley Sub.

Ex Zephyr cars 

Ben Butterworth purchased the former Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q) SILVER TOWER in Feb 2006. Car stored at Gateway Rail Services at Madison, Illinois, June 18, 2018.

CB&Q 366 "Silver Tower" square ended observation parlor-1 drawing room was built for CB&Q’s Kansas City Zephyr - BN 1193 (not applied), ex-Amtrak 9321 - retired 9/85, Dirk Lenthe (5/93), Mike Abernethy, for sale at Illinois Transit Assembly (9/2000). Sold to Gateway Coach/Ben Butterworth Feb 2006, car remaining at ITAC now called Gateway Rail Services. ©2018 Chip

ATSF 533 named MESA VERDE was last used by Mid America Railcar which leased the former Santa Fe Hi-Level car. It is one of the transition cars, converted by Amtrak into dorm cars. It was externally refurbished as a Santa Fe car, now named "Mesa Verde" and retains the dorm accommodations.

AT&SF 533, ex-Amtrak 9907, ex-Amtrak HEP 39907, once used by Hobo Railroad. Car was stored at Gateway Rail Services in Madison, IL, as of October 2009. Above image taken June 18, 2018, Madison, IL.  ©2018 Chip


Military power

Fort Riley Gensets; Fort Riley Railhead.  USAX 6511 & 6504, 3GS21B gensets.  The 6504 was built in 2008 and the 6511 in 2012 by National Railway Equipment (NRE).  Locomotives operate at Ft Riley, KS, home of the Big Red One.  All locomotives are similarly painted and marked with the insignia of the First Infantry Division.  Large amount of military equipment is moved by rail.  You won't see these locomotives off post unless they are being sent to a shop for maintenance. They only operate in the Camp Funston area shuttling railcars to the various railheads.  Two track enginehouse building 1692A at right.  Fort Riley, KS, June 14, 2018.  Permission was granted by Fort Riley Public Affairs Office at building 500 ©2018 Chip

A damaged bridge yet to be rebuilt

Kyle RR, ex-Rock Island RR, had a two-span through truss bridge over Republican River in Cloud County, northwest of Concordia, Kansas. One truss bridge was destroyed when three railroad cars (loaded covered grain cars) derailed on a bridge over the Republican River about 7:00 PM 22 December 2015 causing extensive damage to the bridge. No evidence of bridge reconstruction as of June 19, 2018. Bridge located north of Vale Road and N 90th Road intersection. ©2018 Chip Derailed cars at upper left.  Trees around bridge north end were removed for derailment clean-up.  No progress on bridge reconstruction. ©2018 Chip

Dispatcher, I think we have a problem

June 19, 2018 was not a good day for the UP in Colby, Kansas. At Cornerstone Ag, the distributed power units on a grain train were shoved through the derail putting 8783 on the ground .(Ed. note: I guess we prove that the derail really does its job.) ©2018 Larry Dilts

Some local action on June19

An airport bound G Line train crosses Monaco Parkway. Apparently they were having operating problems as this train was running about 10 miles an hour and I noticed at a red signal to the east. The gates were down a  three or four minutes at least while one eastbound and  westbound train passed . ©2018 Walter Weart A pair of remote control UP GP-15s are spotted just east of Monaco Parkway. Both units were shut down and apparently waiting to be needed. ©2018 Walter Weart
A Denver & Rock Island motor heads east with a single boxcar. I noticed a number of tank cars stored on various sidings and a lot of bulkhead lumber flats awaiting entry to the reload center so apparently they're busy. ©2018 Walter Weart

A meet on the Joint Line

On 9 June, 2018, BNSF 9177 leads a northbound coal empty up Main 2 just north of Palmer Lake, CO while a southbound coal load is about to get underway on Main 1 now that the single-track main is clear south of town. ©2018 Chris Paulhamus

From my recent June  trip to  Alaska

We were supposed to ride to Fraser on June 3 however a rockslide which occurred a few days earlier had closed the line. I was able to get one of the hotel staff to take me on a railfan expedition to the White Pass yard. Freshly painted GE 91 was built in 1954 and received a new prime mover in 2010. 

The White Pass was just sold to Holland America Princess Alaska Tours. There was some controversy over enlarging the docks in Skagway and negotiations between the railroad and the city had broken down so this will eliminate that problem. The railroad and port will be operated by Survey Point Holdings as part of a joint venture with the cruise lines.

This is the last car of that train and the drum head sign is really a nice touch. I noticed that a number of the cars could use some paint but the locomotives all appeared to have been freshly painted.
This shows all of the trains ready to move and you'll note the flat car with the canoes and the boxcar both of which are used for campers who can be dropped off along the line. The 110, 104 and another locomotive await the call to duty The Montreal Locomotive Works built these motors in May 1969. When the White Pass shut down in 1982, they were sold to Sociedad Colombiana de Transport Ferroviaro S.A. in 1992 and were repurchased by the WP&YR in 1999
While in the Delani, I went to the station to watch the last of the three cruise trains to arrive. The 4324 heads up the train. The Alaska railroad numbers their locomotives with the horsepower so this of course is a 4000 hp SD70MAC


The last car on the train as were the rest of them built by Colorado Railcar. The front four cars are owned by Holland America while the last last four cars are owned by Princess Cruse Lines.
Our train met three northbound trains during our trip from Denali to Anchorage. This one is the most unusual of them all, the Hurricane Express. This train operates from Talkeetna to Hurricane Gulch and serves local Alaskans who live along the line. The train can be flagged down at any point on the trip and will stop for passengers. The train runs more frequently in the summer however it does run year-round and has been featured on the History Channel series on Alaskans who live "off the grid". The lead unit is a GP-40-2 and the trailing unit is a Power Cab 31 HEP unit; nee Amtrak F40PH 244.









Our train arrived in Anchorage and as you can tell, the cars were full of passengers on various stages of their cruise. We stayed overnight in Anchorage and flew back to Denver and would really like to go back and ride the Like Pass one more time.

All pictures ©2018 Walter Weart

The 111 starts a new season at Loop 

Georgetown Loop No, 111 makes his first revenue trip of the new season after having run light to Devi's Gate and  back on May 23, 111 powered the last revenue trip of May 24. Phil Johnson has the engine in excellent condition and it sure looks good. ©2018 Walter Weart

A visit to Windsor

On May 22, I was one of two Operation Lifesaver presenters at an event in Windsor. The changes in Windsor since my GWR days are incredible. Back then, it was sugar beets, Universal Forest Products and the Kodak plant. The old Kodak plant site has been redeveloped and there is an absolutely amazing amount of rail activity in that area. Don't expect to hear air horns, every crossing in Windsor is  a quiet zone!

Windsor has a small Museum adjacent to the park and it has the old Great Western station and an ex Great Western caboose. Since the original line belong to the Colorado & Southern, they have an ex C&S single sheath wood boxcar on display as well. The station building is a Museum and as a number of pictures and artifacts on display.
Kodak plant site is the receipt of frak sand for the drilling industry and there were two unit trains awaiting unloading. Scattered throughout the site are other industries with rail spurs that show much activity. 

An OCS Train on the Joint Line

On his way home,  David Grothe saw a headlight in the distance so he photographed this a BNSF O-train. Hw snapped a few photos of it in Castle Rock approaching the Wolfensberger bridge. ©2018 David Grothe

Progress 0n 4014

UP 4014 Big Boy Restoration May 17, 2018; Part of the restoration includes converting the locomotive's engine into an Oil Burner, changing it's fuel from coal to no. 5 oil. This process will include replacing the coal burning grates in the with a fire pan and using a Oil Burner to "flow and atomize the fuel oil into a fine mist". This mist will mix with combustion air, resulting in a fireball that will generate power for the steam engine. UP Steam Shop at Cheyenne, Wyoming.  ©2018 Chip

Cheyenne Depot Days

Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy is undergoing restoration for May 2019 trips. Cheyenne Depot Days will offer tours of Union Pacific Steam Shop weekend of May 19 and 20, 2018. ©2018 Chip

Some action around Ft. Collins

On May 13, Alan caught a train on the Black Hollow branch.  ©2018  Alan Schenkel BNSF entered  North YArd  and is passing a maroon SW-style switcher.  ©2018 Alan Schenkel  
This is the second unit, an ex UP maybe a lease unit?   ©2018  Alan Schenkel

Do you think there enough locomotives?

Larry Dilts was crossing under Interstate 70 on the east side of Oakley, Kansas, May 14, 2018 was a westbound with UP 5007, 4697, 4575, 6846 and two cars. The Oakley local power is not left in Oakley over the weekends any longer,  but returns to Salina for servicing. It comes back on Mondays. The three front units have been regulars on the local for sometime now. The trailing GE was for a grain train loading at Cornerstone Ag in Colby which was short on power. ©2018 Larry Dilts

One more shot of the UP Engineering Special

The Special passes Greenland with the Red Barn in the background. ©2018 Chris Paulhamus

A BNSF merchandiser at Greenland

A BNSF manifest-Q, southbound is running on track 2. at Greenland with the barn in the background. ©2018 David Sheppard

UP steam excursion to run Denver-Cheyenne July 22

The Union Pacific Museum Association will host a special passenger trip on Union Pacific historic equipment July 22, from Denver, Colorado, to Cheyenne, Wyoming, pulled by the “Living Legend,” steam locomotive, UP No. 844.

All proceeds generated from the special trip will benefit the Union Pacific Museum Association, a 501 (c) 3.This is an excellent opportunity for the general public to experience the glory days of passenger travel on beautiful Union Pacific equipment. The trip is one way with a bus return.

“The Museum Association is grateful to Union Pacific for allowing us this opportunity,” said Eric Hamilton, Union Pacific Museum Association president. “Events like this allow the museum to offer world-class exhibits and programming to our visitors.”

Union Pacific opened its first museum in 1921. Since 2003, that museum has been operated by a nonprofit. Today, the Union Pacific Museum is a joint partnership between Union Pacific, who maintains the collection, the Association, the nonprofit in charge of exhibits and programming, and the City of Council Bluffs, Iowa, who maintain the historic building in which the museum is located. Even the museum’s location is significant. With a 23-state system to choose from, Union Pacific chose to site their collection at historic ‘Mile 0’ for the transcontinental railroad, so ordered by President Lincoln in 1863 and reaffirmed in 1864.


A UP engineering special on the Joint Line

The Engineering Special along the I-25 frontage road just south of Castle Rock ©2018 David Grothe The bridge at Larkspur. ©2018 David Grothe
At Greenland just south of Noe road . ©2018 David Grothe the train rolling slowly towards Palmer Lake as a coal train was trying to make it over the hill but the coal train would soon stall out and the UP special train would come to a stop for a while.  ©2018 David Grothe
Timothy Tonge  was also out taking pictures of the Engineering Special ©2018 Timothy Tonge

A special UP car

Union Pacific’s UPP 420 named Fox River, ex-C&NW 420, eex-VIA 1087 Cape Breton, nee-CN 1087, track inspection car The CN 1087 was originally a 2-bedroom - 2-Compartment - buffet lounge. UP engineering special operated April 30 overnight into May 1, 2018 from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to North Yard, Denver, CO. Theater seating. ©2018 Chip

A visitor from Canada

While running errands in Broomfield, I saw this BNSF train parked on the siding. The third unit was interesting inasmuch is it's an older CN motor showing some signs of aging. As it was raining these pictures were taken from inside the car so they're not as good as I would have liked. ©2018 Walter Weart

From my recent trip to and from Phoenix

While visiting Williams Az, I saw a freight train that had originated in Phoenix on its way to join the main line. The branch to Phoenix, nicknamed the "Peavine", branches off just north of Williams. The Peavine name came from route that the track takes. Williams is also the home of the  Grand Canyon Railroad  There is a very large cement plant near Springer Az and I had noticed previously that one of their two locomotives was working on the east end of the plant. While I watched, the BNSF crew spotted their power on the siding as they  were being picked up by a van. The cement plant engine is a Suttle Wagon and seems to do very well moving cement cars. They have another engine that is larger and while I've only seen from a distance. It looks like an EMD end cab switcher.  ©2018 Walter Weart
We spent the night in Las Vegas NM and wanted to check out the station which has been restored. It looks every bit as good as it would have in the Santa Fe days and is used by the Chamber of Commerce as well as the dispatcher for the local bus service. The Harvey House next door is undergoing full restoration and is expected to open in 2019.  ©2018 Walter Weart This has got to be the ugliest amusement park train I have ever seen. We visited the Goldfield Mining Museum and saw this 3 foot gauge train. the locomotive is probably an old mining diesel, the rider car is homemade as is the caboose. Thery really ought to be ashamed of themselves except that nobody really cares.  ©2018 Walter Weart

Bridge construction over the UP

UP 3780 East with 7819 passed new bridge girders going up to expand Central Park Avenue overpass @ Stapleton area, Denver CO, April 28, 2018, 2:30 PM. Eastbound 36th Street Yard, Denver to Salina, Kansas, train had only 7-cars departing the Mile High City.

Denver RTD A-Line to Denver International Airport is in foreground. Commuter rail closed last weekend (4/26-27) on account highway bridge construction. ©2018 Chip

A Club outing

A tour group from the Rocky Mountain RR Club was able to visit the Denver shop that repairs Union Pacific maintenance of way equipment. This is the home shop for the entire U.P. system. The tour was on April 28, 2018. ©2018 Dave Schaaf

Action on the KP 

The Salina/Denver manifest, rumbles through Limon, four times a week, twice going east and twice returning, usually 0-dark-30. Recently, it working the elevator and as usual had a collection of engines, six motors. ©2018 LimonRail

A PV on Amtrak

Amtrak with private varnish Colonial Crafts-PPCX 800081, was on Amtrak train 3, the Southwest Chief. Car moved Chicago,IL, to Los Angeles, CA. PV was on BNSF's Boise City Subdivision.

Note the four BNSF trains at the La Junta Yard. Reason-BNSF had fleeted trains south over Joint Line in preparation for major signal upgrade project at Pueblo, CO. General Railway Signal searchlight signals were replaced April 20, 2018-Joint Line closed for signal upgrade.
PV Colonial Crafts on Amtrak; BNSF Boise City Subdivision.  Colonial Crafts, PPCX 800081, private varnish car attendant Brian (appreciated his hospitality).  Car was on Amtrak train 3 the Southwest Chief April 20, 2018 @ La Junta, CO.  Car moved Chicago, IL, to Los Angeles, CA.

COLONIAL CRAFTS entered service on the Pennsylvania Railroad at Chicago on 4 June 1949. The car was one of eight three bedroom, drawing room buffet lounge cars which were part of a 95-car order placed by the railroad with car builder Pullman-Standard.
Pullman-built in 1949 to Raymond Lowey’s design for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Used on New York-Chicago and New York-St. Louis trains. Retired in 1971; it became a summer home.  Acquired by previous owners in 1985, restored to main line operating condition and based in southern California. Acquired by current owners Bob & Susan Lowe in 2017.

April 20, 2018 by Chip

PV Colonial Crafts'. Lounge area retains inviting atmosphere. You don't find this riding the rails or flying in 2018!Thanks to Bob & Susan Lowe (owners) for sharing its delights. ©2018 Photo by Chip.

Interesting pictures

The City of Colorado Springs operates a trackmobile numbered 9701(2nd). It is sometimes used to shuffle cars around the yard. It can occasionally be photographed from I25. At one time the City owned three GE locomotives, 65 ton 9701 (1st), 45 ton 9702, and 70 ton 9703. These were sold when the UP began moving large unit trains into and out of the plant.  ©2018 Larry Dilts On a rainy day, UTAH 5004, Kyle 3099 and CORP 4074 were eastbound across Sand Creek April 20, 2018. Bridge 4885 is west of Seibert, Colorado. ©2018 Larry Dilts
West of Vona, Colorado, the train was crossing a dry drainage. The concrete culvert was built in 1897 by the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific.  ©2018 Larry Dilts New on the Kyle is GP38-3 2128 freshly painted in the Genesee & Wyoming company Kyle paint scheme. It was being used as the Goodland switcher.©2018 Larry Dilts

On a rainy day, UTAH 5004, Kyle 3099 and CORP 4074 were eastbound across Sand Creek April 20, 2018. Bridge 4885 is west of Seibert, Colorado. ©2018 Larry Dilts

Some unusual power on the Joint Line

Two NS units in tow are part of a BNSF manifest in Larkspur, CO. They are former SD70's undergoing DC to AC rebuilding by Progress Rail and are classified as SD70ACC. They are probably heading to the railroad testing and training facility located in Pueblo.  ©2018 David Grothe (Ed note: Interesting paint job, particularly the first unit)

Traction in action!

Iowa Traction Railway, Iowa Traction 54, at start of snow storm. 8-inches fell by dark at Mason City, Iowa, April 18, 2018.

Iowa Traction Railway Company, reporting mark, IATR, formerly the Iowa Traction Railroad Company is an electrically operated common carrier railroad running between Mason City and Clear Lake, Iowa, United States, and also serving Rorick Park near Mason City. Roots back to the, Mason City and Clear Lake Railway, founded in 1896. The shops were situated in Emery, the midpoint between the two namesake towns. Passenger service began on July 4, 1897. Freight has been the major source of income since the beginning and has been the only source since the charter for trolley service in Mason City expired August 30, 1936. The Mason City and Clear Lake Railway's name was revised slightly to Mason City and Clear Lake Railroad in 1950, when new owners took over.

Name changed to Iowa Terminal Railroad in 1961 when new owners from Michigan took over.
©2018 Chip
 Iowa Traction trolley 50 prepares to work after 8-inch snowfall 4/18/18 at Mason City, Iowa, at AGP agricultural plant April 19, 2018. ©2018 Chip

On the Joint Line

On 14 April, 2018, A pair of winged Armour Yellow units leads a northbound grain or soda ash empty through the Greenland Open Space in Greenland, CO. The big mountain back there is Pikes Peak, 25 miles away. ©2018 Chris Paulhamus

On Monday, Apr 16, 2018  Alan Schenkel  found the Joint line was a parking lot. and saw 4 trains parked, 2 coal buckets in Castle Rock, and this UP manifest and BNSF auto rack train in Larkspur with snow. ©2018 Alan Schenkel

CSX for lead power.  ©2018 David  Grothe.

Copyright 2018 Rocky Mountain Railroad Club.

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