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The Rocky Mountain Railroad Historical Foundation was founded in 1990 by the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club for the purpose of preserving historic railroad equipment. Membership in the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club also includes membership in the Foundation.

The Foundation is a non-profit, 501c3 corporation to which contributions are tax deductible.

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Railroad Historical Foundation is:

1. To promote and encourage public interest in railroad history and the impact of railroads upon the Rocky Mountain region.
2. To support the preservation of historical railroad artifacts for restoration, exhibition and/or operation.
3. To cooperate in the public education efforts of organizations with a complementary interest in the Foundation’s mission.
4. To develop written and video materials relevant to railroad history to be distributed to other organizations or the public for educational purposes.

2019 Grant Awards

The Foundation awarded five grants of $1000 each and two grants of $500 to help preserve rail history in the Rocky Mountain Area. The grantee's for 2019 were:

  • Our top recipient this year was Brad Swartzwelter's effort to place the Moffat Cup in a secured climate controlled display case in Denver Union Station.
  • Our second grant goes to the South Park Rail Society and their efforts to restore C&S narrow gauge gandola #4319 to operating condition.
  • The Pine-Elk Creek improvement Association granting them money to erect two signs explaining the railroad heritage of the site. One sign will show the a route map of the DSP&P highlighting Pine Grove's place in the system. The second sign provides a bit of area history using material from Tom Klinger.
  • Our fourth $1000 grant assists the Ridgeway Railroad Museum in the restoration of the interior wood work of RGS coach 252.
  • The Pueblo Railway Foundation received the fifth grant to securing ATSF caboose 2278R.
  • The first $500 went to Mr. Jeff Badger to restore a 1938 Ford Model T speeder for operation around Como.
  • The last of our grants goes to High Plains Railroad Preservation for restoration work on Union Pacific wood caboose 2095, originally built in 1880.


2018 Grant Awards

The Foundation awarded six grants of $1000 each to help preserve rail history in the Rocky Mountain Area. The grantee's for 2018 were:

  • The Hinsdale County Historical Society to help move D & RG combine 211 to Lake City for restoration.

  • The Ridgeway Railroad Museum for the purchase of ties needed by a new loop track or security cameras to help protect their collection.

  • The South Park Rail Society towards a full rebuild the air pump, reservoir, and related plumbing of their steam engine No. 4.

  • The DSP & P toward the complete restoration of boxcar 608.

  • The Salida Museum Association for the sandblasting and repainting of their unique 0-4-0 tank engine.

  • The Denver Tramway Heritage Society to rewind and repair the traction motors.

2017 Grants Results

The Foundation awarded four grants of $1000 each to help preserve rail history in the Rocky Mountain Area. The grantee's for 2017 were:

  • The DSP & P Historical Society for electrical work on the restored depot in Como, Colorado.

  • The Durango RR Historical Society for continued restoration work on D & RGW refrigerator car #39.
  • The Pueblo RR Museum for re-painting the Santa Fe #2912 steam locomotive tender.

  • The South Park Rail Society for repairs on the locomotive tender for Klondike Mines #4.

2016 Grants Results

The Foundation awarded five grants of $1000 each to help preserve rail history in the Rocky Mountain Area. The grantee's for 2016 were:

  • The Golden Spike Chapter of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The grant will be used to create new drawings and mold patterns for the axle bearings. They are restoring D & RGW 223 a class C-16 narrow gauged 2-8-0 built by Grant Locomotive Works in 1881.

  • The San Juan County Historical Society for help in rebuilding part of the Silverton Northern Railroad north out of Silverton.
  • The Galloping Goose Historical Society from Dolores Colorado. This grant will help fund a new interpretive sign about the history of the RGS and the Geese.

  • The fourth grant is to the Ridgeway Railroad Museum to assist in the construction of a 150' by 35' train shed to protect their collection.

  • Our final recipient is the Train Mountain Railroad in Chiloquin, Oregon for the repainting of Rio Grande caboose 01431.

Foundation Book Auction 2016

Our second project for the year is an auction of railroad books donated by long time club member and former president Jim Ehernberger. The first group of books offered earned the foundation almost $1000.00.

2015 Grant Results

The Foundation awarded five grants of $1000 each to help preserve rail history in the Rocky Mountain Area. The grantee's for 2015 were:

  • Ridgeway Railroad Museum project to preserve and scan some 1200 Rio Grande Southern Dispatchers’ Train Sheets (1890-1944)
  • Contribution to the restoration of the Como roundhouse turntable to operating condition by Dr. Charles Brantigan
  • Contribution to the restoration of C&S narrow gauge caboose #1006 in Silver Plume by the Colorado & Southern Railway Historical Society
  • Contribution to the restoration of D&RGW narrow gauge refrigerator car #39 by the Durango Railroad Historical Society
  • A year-round outdoor interpretive sign for the Como, Colorado depot by the Denver South Park & Pacific Historical Society

Car No. 25

In the past the focus of the Foundation was the restoration and eventual operation of Denver & Intermountain (D&IM) Car No. 25. After World War II, the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club took numerous excursions over the electric lines of the Denver Tramway Corporation and Denver & Intermountain Railroad. Car No. 25 was one of the cars occasionally used for the trips. The Club purchased the car in 1950 to save it from the scrapper, and used it for excursions after regular Tramway service was discontinued in June of 1950. The car's last trip was its movement to Golden on March 15, 1953. After spending time stored at several locations in Golden it was moved to the Colorado Railroad Museum for display. In 1988 the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club made the decision to restore the car and pursue a location at which to operate it. The process of restoration was long and arduous, taking more than 20 years and thousands of man-hours. Restoration activities were conducted at the Denver Federal Center and in January, 2012 D&IM Car 25 was added to the National Register of Historic Places. This link takes you to the National Register site of car 25, where you can find a complete history of the car. http://www.nps.gov/nr/feature/weekly_features/12_01_20_interurban25.htm

RGS 20 Matching Grant

A matching grant of $10,000 for the CRRM Restoration of RGS Engine No. 20. The foundation is happy to say the generous members of the RMRRC contributed as of March 19th $12,215 to the Colorado Railroad Museum's efforts to restore Rio Grande Southern locomotive No. 20 to operating condition. The RMRHF was happy to deliver a matching amount of $10,000 to the museum. Thank you one and all.

Car 25 Online Auction 2013

In 2013, the Foundation will work with the City of Lakewood to support an online auction of railroad books and memorabilia in support of the continued maintenance of Interurban Car. No. 25. Thanks to the generous donations by a number of Club members, especially Albert Knicklebine, hundreds of items will be made available for purchase and the funds raised will be used by Lakewood to ensure that No. 25 is properly protected for the enjoyment of the public.

railroad car

In 2010, the Club transferred ownership of Car No. 25 to the West Corridor Historical Rail Cooperative, a part of the City of Lakewood’s Arts and Culture Department of Community Resources. Since Car No. 25 operated mainly on the D&IM line to Lakewood and Golden (Route 84) it is fitting that the car has returned to the area it once roamed. It is the vision of the City of Lakewood to construct at transit museum at Oak Street (on the new RTD West Line Light Rail extension) sometime in the future. This vision is fully described at http://www.lakewood.org/HistoricTransit/

Interurban Car No 25 in 2011

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